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Honda CBR900RR


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All British Rally 2019 gallery

Big photo gallery (July 2019)

All British Rally 2022 gallery

Back and as big as ever (Apr 2022)

American Eagle

Bygone brands (June 2021)

Aprilia RS250

Supreme Stroker (July 2021)

Aprilia RSV4 Xtrenta

Ultimate track toy launched (September 2022)

Aprilia RSV Mille & RSV 1000 R

Profile of the twin tornados (January 2021)

Aprilia Tuono Traumas 1

The start of our V-twin track bike project (January 2021)

Aprilia Tuono V-twins

Future collectible (March 2020)

Benelli 750 Sei

What's one worth? (March 2021)

Benelli Tornado Tre 900

Future collectible (October 2020)

Bimota SB6 profile

The firm's most-successful model (September 2020)

Bimota Tesi 1D 904SR

Rarity sells at premium price (January 2021)

BMW /5

The start of a great tradition (Apr 2022)

BMW HP2 series

Enduro, Megamoto & Sport (August 2020)


Ownership and backgrounder (updated August 2021)

BMW K1 profile

By Ian Falloon (Apr 2022)

BMW K100-K1100 series

Future collectible (June 2020)


Uber tourer on a budget (Mar 2022)

BMW K 1300 R

Munich muscle buyer guide (March 2021)

BMW Krauser MKM

A quick backgrounder on a unique bike for sale (May 2020)


Ground-breaking mile-muncher (Apr 2022)

BMW R1100S

Future collectible (March 2021)


Airhead single (June 2022)


Foundation Boxer (Mar 2022)


Boxer foundation stone (Mar 2022)

BMW R65 1979 part 1

Growing old gracefully (July 2020)

BMW R65 1979 part 2

BMW R65 final debrief (August 2021)


Boxer legend (Mar 2022)

BMW R90S intro

Game-changer (Mar 2022)


R90S in depth (Feb 2022)

BMW R90S racer

Pridmore's pride (Apr 2022)


Part four of our factory retro series (Feb 2021)

BMW S 1000 RR series 1

Future collectible

BMW S 1000 XR

How it's help shift the sports-touring goal posts (March 2021)

Boom or Bust - part 1

Classics are fun but not great investments (July 2020)

Boom or Bust - part 2

Who's going to buy this stuff, anyway? (July 2020)

BSA 650 Gold Star details

Specs and factory blurb (Dec 2021)

Brough Superior

Falloon's profile

Buell 1125R

It may have flamed out, but Buell's big dream deserved a whole lot better (February 2021)

Burner Bikes

Every good classic motorcycle fleet should have a sacrificial unit (May 2020)

Buying advice – getting a classic

Some basics to watch out for (Aug 2020)

Buying advice - Resto or Barn Find?

How to assess the options (June 2020)

Class of 1990 - best club plate bikes

The future collectors that are worth keeping (April 2020)

Classic motorcycle prices soar despite Covid

What's going on? (January 2021)

Classic bike buys – as good as money in the bank?

Walking through the best in the market (July 2020)

Dive Bombers

Bikes that saw values drop like the proverbial lead balloon, but are still great buys! (May 2019)

Ducati 125 Sport

Falloon on early Ducati sport singles (Feb 2022)

Ducati 250 twin racer

Hailwood's troubled ride (Apr 2022)

Ducati 450 Desmo

Falloon on the Solver Shotgun (Feb 2022)

Ducati 750 F1

Last of the air-cooled racer replicas (Feb 2022)

Ducati 750 GT

Model profile by Ian Falloon

Ducati 750 GT

Period PR shots suggest a bit of an obsession (May 2020)

Ducati 750 Sport

The early days (May 2022)

Ducati 750 Sport

Market presence and values, plus a backgrounder (Oct 2020)

Ducati 851

Fast but flawed (June 2022)

Ducati 860 GT

Sharp suit for a new era (Feb 2022)

Ducati 900SS Superlight

Nineties classic (Sep 2022)

Ducati 916

Tamburini's finest work (Mar 2022)

Ducati 996 SPS Pista

For some, the ultimate V-twin (Feb 2022)

Ducati 999

New look, upgraded tech

Ducati Cruiser

The company's first scooter bombed (Apr 2022)

Ducati Desmosedici

Buyer guide for the MotoGP replica (October 2020)

Ducati Imola

The machines that really put Ducati on the performance map (Mar 2022)

Ducati Imola 2

On this day, 50 years ago... (Apr 2022)

Ducati MH900e concept bike

An insight from Ian Falloon (Mar 2022)

Ducati MH900e (Feb 2021)

The replica's replica - part 3 of your 'You Again' series

Ducati Pantah 500/600

The start of an engine dynasty (Mar 2022)

Ducati Singles

The colourful history (Mar 2022)

Ducati SportClassic range

Ahead of the retro curve (November 2020)

Ducati Streetfighter V-twins - 2009-on

Future collectible (November 2019)

Ducati Supermono

Unfulfilled promise

Harley-Davidson Road King (November 2020)

First-gen King of the Road

Harley-Davidson VR1000 on the market

See our mini profile (June 2020)

Harley-Davidson V-rod

Profile and buyer guide

Harley-Davidson XR1200

Future collectible (May 2020)

Hesketh 24

A great British oddball

Hesketh V1000 & Vampire

Some useful background via an auction listing (May 2021)

Honda Africa Twin CRF1000

Future collectible adventure tourer (August 2020)

Honda CB1100R

The start of the race-bred dynasty (December 2020)

Honda CB400 Four Super Sport

The sweetest of the four-pot gang (November 2020)

Honda CB400 Four profile 2

And another look at it

Honda CB750-Four 50 years

Does it deserve legend status? (Oct 2020)

Honda CB750-Four K1

The ownership experience (July 2020)

Honda CB750F 1980

Model profile (July 2020)

Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird

Future collectible (October 2020)

Honda CBR900RR FireBlade

Future collectible (July 2020)

Honda CL450 scrambler

A profile and currnet values (January 2021)

Honda announces Fireblade SP for 2020

$50k track-focused toy (July 2020)

Honda GL1000 Gold Wing 1975

The start of a legend (Aug 2020)

Honda mini strokers

Meet the Raccoon & MB50 (June 2020)

Honda RC30 parts revival

Huge effort (May 2021)

Honda RC40 aka NR 750

Profile & recent auction results (June 2020)

Honda RVF400

Jewel-like sports bike is nearing club-plate age (June 2020)

Honda Valkyrie 1500 series

Big fast flat six (July 2020)

Honda GL1500CF Valkyrie Interstate

Look who's back in the shed

Honda VFR750F

Honda's world-beater sports-tourer (October 2020)

Honda VT500 series

A quick profile (June 2020)

Honda VTR1000 SP series aka RC51

Superbike salvation (Oct 2020)

Honda XL350 1974-78

Mini profile of a seveites soft-roader (Jul 2020)

India Ride

Join us in Kerala for the ride of a lifetime (March 2020)

Indian 111 2014 relaunch vs 1947

Did the new crew live up to the tradition? (May 2020)

Indian Chiefs & Fours - what are the classics worth?

The bikes from Springfield (Mar 2021)

Indian Chief Vintage 2014 launch series

Part of our 'You Again' series on modern replicas (Feb 2021)

Indian Four 440

Auction result proves lasting appeal (Mar 2022)

Isle of Man – the big trip

Join us for a 2005 flashback

Kawasaki GPz900R A1

The buy-fly-ride experience (April 2020)

Kawasaki H2

Two-stroke triple profile (June 2021)

Kawasaki Millyard

Two-stroke five-pot screamer at auction

Kawasaki S3 400

Middleweight stroker

Kawasaki Turbo

The best of the puffer-cycles (May 2020)

Kawasaki Z1-R (October 2020)

Kawasaki's sharp hero bike produced a surprising number of variants

Kawasaki Z900RS

From our 'You Again' series on factory replicas

Kawasaki ZRX1100-1200R

Future collectibles (Oct 2020)

Kawasaki ZX-10

Heavy hitter and high-eighties glam (May 2021)

Kawasaki ZX-12R future collectible

The big bomber deserved better (July 2020)

Kawasaki ZZ-R1100

The mighty Zed as a future collectible (Sep 2020)


Radical future collectible

KTM 950-990 Adventure


KTM 950 Super Enduro

Dakar-derived demon (January 2021)

Laverda 750 SFC

Ian Falloon on one of the greats

Laverda 750S Formula

Last of the Laverdas (August 2020)

Laverda SFC 1000

Eighties swansong (Mar 2022)

Kerala Ride

Join us in India for the ride of a lifetime (March 2020)

Magni Italia

Will we ever see a short run of these? (Feb 2020)

Mondial Piega

Short-lived dream (Jun 2020)

Moto Guzzi 25/500 racing singles

Catalogue racer (Mar 2022)

Moto Guzzi 850 Le Mans

Sporty Italian

Moto Guzzi big twins

The bikes that saved the brand, including V7 series and Eldorado (Mar 2022)

Moto Guzzi Daytona 1000

When racing influenced the breed (November 2020)

Moto Guzzi Eldorado and Ambassador

Period ads for the bikes that saved the marque (June 2020)

Moto Guzzi Le Mans 850 MkIII

An often-overlooked model (Feb 2022)

Moto Guzzi V50 series

Under-rated gems (Apr 2022)

Moto Guzzi V7

Italy's class-leading tourer

Moto Guzzi V7 Sport

Clever and fast

Moto Martin BMW K1

One for sale and a little useful background

Moto Morini 350 & 500 twins

Sweet middleweights (Mar 2022)

Motorcycle Trader mag staff web pages

Where are they now? (April 2020)

MV Agusta 600 grand tourer

Silk purse of sow's ear? (Mar 2022)

MV Agusta 750 S

Legendary classic (Feb 2022)

MV Agusta 750 S development

A strange tale (Apr 2022)

MV Agusta 850 SS Monza

Last of the classic line (Mar 2022)

MV Agusta F4 serie Oro

The revival of the marque (Feb 2022)

MV Agusta F4 750 S

Future collectible (January 2020)

MV Agusta Tamburini

The ultimate F4 (Mar 2022)


Looking back at a Soviet-era classic (September 2019)

Norton Commando

Model profile (April 2020)

Norton Commando John Player 1974

Auction profile (August 2020)

Norton Manx

A mini gallery of Manx Norton ads (May 2020)

Norvin single

An incredible one-off build (May 2020)

Royal Enfield Continental GT535

Future classic (February 2020)

Royal Enfield Continental GT as a retro

Part of our 'You Again' series (Feb 2021)

Shed Crash

How a minor cock-up ended in tears (July 2022)

Snow Rider

A short and oddball travel yarn (Apr 2022)

Suzuki B-King

King Muscle (November 2020)

Suzuki DR650 profile

Meet Mr Versatile (May 2020)

Suzuki DR750-800 series

A local ad prompts a quick backgrounder (June 2020)

Suzuki Falcorustyco (Feb 2021)

Wild 2WD concept bike from the eighties

Suzuki GSX-R1000

Future collectible (April 2021)

Suzuki GSX-R1100

Buying used guide (May 2019)

Suzuki GSX-R750

The start of a whole new breed of road bike (Jul 2020)

Suzuki GSX1100EF series

Big, bold and fast (May 2021)

Suzuki GSX1100SXZ

Wire-wheel Katana backgrounder via an auction listing (May 2021)

Suzuki GT750

A few period brochures of the much-loved 'waterbottle' or 'kettle' (May 2020)

Suzuki Hayabusa – Gen 1

Future collectible (June 2020)

Suzuki Hayabusa Gen 3 2021 model

Huge make-over for Suzuki's king-hitter (Feb 2021)

Suzuki Katana 1000

Part 5 of the retro series – It is all about appearances (Feb 2021)

Suzuki Katana 1100 vs Hayabusa gen 2

Fast by design (December 2020)

Suzuki Patroller

Rare cop bike for auction

Suzuki RE5 Rotary

History, brochures, market info and a new one for sale (October 2020)

Suzuki RG500 Gamma

One of our favourite two-strokes (August 2020)

Suzuki RGV250

Ready racer

Suzuki RF900R

Profile of a much under-rated model (July 2020)

Suzuki T500 (January 2021)

The mighty Titan

Suzuki TL1000 series (November 2020)

Fast but flawed

Suzuki XN85

Profile and one for sale (June 2020)

Tasmania – one hot lap

Young Beattie and his motley crew go looking for trouble in Tasmania, and find it (April 2021)

Time Machine

Hunting down the classic classified ad bargains

Tool Time

The joys of basic workshop set-up


Triple Triumph Triples: a 2015 video of 40 years of Triumph Triples - 1975 Trident T160, 1995 Daytona Super III and 2015 Daytona 675R

Triumph 1901
First motorcycle discovered and restored

Triumph Bonneville 1959

The first attempt (Mar 2022)

Triumph Bonneville 2001

From our 'You Again' series on factory replicas

Triumph Bonneville – Meriden era (Feb 2022)

Falloon picks the best

Triumph Bonneville Silver Jubilee (Mar 2022)

The royal twin

Triumph Scrambler 865 (December 2020)

First-gen Fun

Triumph Speed Triple

The first 1994-96 series was a gem (January 2021)

Triumph Speed Quattro

The 1200 cafe racer the factory never made (January 2021)

Triumph Sprint ST 1050

English world-beater (July 2020)

Triumph Street Triple

Naked nutter (April 2021)

Triumph Super III T300 series

Super Nova

Triumph T160

The bike that epitomised the Brit industry of the 1970s

Triumph T300 Series

The bikes that brought Triumph back to life (October 2020)

Triumph Triples

Brit hero bikes from 1974, 1994 and 2014 (June 2020)

Triumph Vetter X75 Hurricane

a beauty with a troubled history

Turbo Kings

When the big four thought turbos were a great idea (May 2020)

Ugly Motorcycles

See our top 10 – do you own one? (May 2020)

Ugly Motorcycles part 2

Reader nominations (June 2020)

Ultimate classic collection

What advice do you give? (August 2020)

Victory Twins

Future collectibles (October 2018)

Vietnam - one of the great rides

Join us for a tour (March 2021)

War Babies

Collectible military bikes (October 2019)

Yamaha Big Bear

Bear or porker?

Yamaha FJ1100-1200 series

One of the greats (Jan 2021)

Yamaha FZ750

Future collectible (March 2020)

Yamaha FZR750R OW-01

Future collectible (August 2019)

Yamaha MT-01 future collectible

Fast Fusion (October 2020)

Yamaha R1 review

Future collectible (June 2020)

Yamaha R6 review

Future collectible (July 2020)

Yamaha RD250-350 air-cooled series

Brochure shots (June 2020)

Yamaha RZ350

One of the great strokers (Feb 2021)

Yamaha RZ500

Road to redemption (March 2022)

Yamaha RZ500 restomod

Tidying up the king stroker (Sep 2020)

Yamaha SRX600

One for the shed (May 2020)

Yamaha Thunderace YZF1000R

Future collectible profile

Yamaha TRX850

Lots of life left in the big twin (Nov 2020)

Yamaha TRX850

Quick ride (May 2021)

Yamaha XJ750D profile

Japan-only 1980s peek into the future (July 2020)

Yamaha XS1100

From our mighty bikes series (April 2021)

Yamaha XS500

Mini profile and one for sale (Oct 2020)

Yamaha XTZ660Z Tenere

Profile - is it a future collectible? (June 2020)

Yamaha YD1 & YDS-1 profile

The bike that launched Yamaha into the big time (June 2020)

Yamaha YDS-3

A backgrounder on the legend, and one for sale (Nov 2020)

Yamaha YR-1 profile

The 'big' 350 (Sep 2020)

You Again

The good, the bad and the ugly of factory clones (Feb 2021)

Zen Ride
Zen and the art of Motorcycle Maintenance ride, by Pirsig et al

Zundapp lightweights

A quick walk around a fascinating showroom (July 2021)


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