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Motorcycle Trader magazine staffers - where can you find them online?

Since Motorcycle Trader magazine closed up shop in April 2020, we've had a few enquiries about where can people find the writers/shooters/clowns they loved to engage with. Here's our current list of those who have an ongoing onlne presence...

paris dakar melbourne

Chris 'Charris' Harris

Paris Dakar Melbourne - the Motorcycle Trader Editor's page started as a personal blog that's rapidly growing into something much bigger. From the man who lifted the mag's game and has high editorial standards and expectations.

Ben Galli Photography - Motorcycle Trader mag's go-to person for images and style and a true petrol-head. A huge contributor to the look and feel of any story.

Cam Donald - legendary racer, road-tester extraordinaire, diplomat and partnered with the wonderfully skilled Karen.

Ian Falloon - internationally renowned motorcycle book author, verification authority and concours judge.

John 'Roothy' Rooth - great story-teller and genuinely nice bloke, hugely famous in motorcycle and 4WD circles.

Greg 'Snag' Leech - former Motorcycle Trader Editor, podcaster and thoroughly interesting commentator.

Guy 'Guido' Allen - prolific long-term producer and borderline motorcycle hoarder.

One of the glaring omissions here is Spannerman, who isn't silly enough to establish his own web site. Yet...

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