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vietnam motorcycle shop

Motorcycle Street, Ha Noi, Vietnam

Our recent ride in Vietnam gave us a chance to wander through one of the local motorcycle precincts...

(March 2024, Guy 'Guido' Allen)

Vietnam's motorcycle market is dominated by scooter and stepthru sales in numbers that would defy comprehension back home in Australia. Some 2.78 million two-wheelers were sold in the country in 2023, which was considered the worst result in 15 years.

It also has a significant motorcycle manufacturing industry.

vietnam motorcycle shops

With that sort of volume, it's easy to imagine big glamorous shops, and they do exist. However they tend to be stand-alone buildings instead of being located in bike precincts. Above is one of two Ha Noi outlets owned by Thang Loi, a Honda franchise. You'll see similar places in the larger regional cities.

vietnam motorcycle shops

Away from the high-profile places, your more typical store is a modest street front affair, often with sleeping quarters above or in the back.

vietnam motorcycle shops

Some appear chaotic, with everything from tyres through to luggage, used frames and engines on offer. In fact, that's Spannerman above, checking out a 70cc potential replacement for his much-loved and ancient C50 stepthru

vietnam bike shops

And then there are the highly-specialised places, such as this chain and sprocket shop.

vietnam bike shops

Or the old-style helmet shops. A popular style here is a light skullcap for men and women, with the latter having a curved cut-out at the lower rear edge that allows for a pony tail.

vietnam bike shops

Just a few doors up from the shop above is this flash new boutique-style place.

              dream 2

If ever you need an illustration of how different the Vietnam market is, look closely at this Dream II. You'll note it has an extra seat-cum-luggage space mounted in front of the saddle. It's to carry the toddler in the family so three and potentially four people can squeeze aboard. It's a popular accessory.


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