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BMW Krauser MKM1000 on the market, May 20, 2020

Krauser MKM

Here's the trivia querstion for the day: nominate a luggage maker that also built motorcycles? Well done if your answer was Krauser. This example of a BMW Krauser MKM1000 (below) is for sale in WA, via Bikesales, priced at Au$35,000 (US$23,000).

Krauser MKM1000

Michael Krauser was a works BMW sidecar racer back in the 1950s and this is one of his creations: the MKM1000. Up to 237 were made, though many of those were likely to have been sold as kits rather than whole motorcycles.

In any case the gist of it is they run Krauser's own steel lattice space frame, with quite different steering gemoetry to the equivalent BMW - more rake and trail. The frame was six kilos lighter than the stock item.

Krauser MKM

Atop was Krauser's own one-piece bodywork.

You could also go the whole hog and order a set of his four-valve heads, said to aid in lifting the performance from 60 to 72 horses. The one you see here has the standard two-valve heads.

This example is said to have been assembled by Krauser and delivered to BMW Australia, and would have been monumentally expensive at the time. Think along the lines of 2.5 times the price of a stock R100 Bimmer, back in 1981-82.

It's being offered by just the second owner, located in Western Australia.

Of course Krauser didn't stop there - he was also the driving force behind the unique Domani outfit of the late 1980s (below), powered by a BMW K100 engine.

Krauser Domani

Krauser Domani


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