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great wall 8

Spotted: Great Wall flat 8 prototype

great wall 8

Chinese Goldwing competitor emerges

(May 2024, Guy 'Guido' Allen)

Images of Great Wall Motor's flat eight tourer prototype have recently emerged, along with some early branding using the name "Souo Motorcycle".

flat eight great wall

The company recently showed an engine at the Beijing Auto Show. See a brief YouTube clip of the show stand.

great wall 8

Brief clips of a full prototype have since emerged on social media. We're a little curious about the front end, which appears as though it may be a Hossack-style similar to a BMW-style telever.

              wall 8

Patent application drawings of the powerplant emerged a couple of weeks ago, though details on its engine capacity still haven't surfaced. Most pundits are guessing 2.0lt or above. We do know it's a double-overhead cam design with four valves per cylinder.

Australian Motor Cycle News has dug out further background – see the story here.

Ed's note, May 20: further details have emerged since we first published the story. The model name is Souo S2000 GL and the bike shown below is one of a few variants. A Valkyrie-like cruiser version is also expected.

great wall souo s2000 gl

Running a four-valve, DOHC flat eight with eight-speed dual-clutch transmission, it's a clear exercise in one-upmanship over the Honda.

Cycle World has a detailed run-down on it.


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