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News Sep 2022

Continental tyres 1969 - random ad for the day, Sep 30

continental tyres

1984 Kawasaki GPz750 turbo – today's time machine, Sep 26


It's year 2000 and this Kawasaki turbo is looking for a new owner, priced at just two grand. See the story here.

1995 Triumph Daytona Super III – today's tempter, Sep 25

              super III

You won't see a lot of these getting around: Early Hinckley T300 Daytona Super IIIs. Based on the 900 'modular' triple, the model shared its architecture with the similar-looking Daytona 900 and 1200.

Running 12:1 compression, it had a horsepower claim of 115 neddies instead of the standard 900's 98.

In addition, it ran excellent six-piston Alcon front brakes rather than the stocker's four-spotters.

As a final touch it boasted somewhat different graphics and sported carbon fibre mudguards, muffler wraps and fairing infill pieces. That lot added it up to Au$21,000 (US$13,700, GB£12,500)plus on-road costs in Australia, making it the most expensive model in the range back in 1994-96. Some 805 were made.

This example looks original, except for the aftermarket rear indicators and is showing 56,000km on the odo. It's with Bikesales and is on the market at Au$15,000 (US$9800, GB£8900).

See our Super III profile.

We also have one in the shed – see it here.

See out T300 series profile.

1987 Suzuki two-strokes – random brochure for the day, Sep 25

Suzuki 2

1987 Suzuki two-stroke road bike brochure, including the updated RG250 Gamma twin, and the Walter Wolf version of the RG500 square four.

See the Motorcycle Specs RG250 page.

See our RGV250 series profile.

And our RG500 profile.

Random brochure for the day – Honda VFR750F, Sep 20


After a rocky start to the VF V-four street bike program, thanks to cams and rockers losing their hardening, Honda came back with the very sweet VFR series.

For years considered the benchmark in the sport-touring landscape, it was quick, handled respectably and was well-priced.

See our profile.

1985 Moto Guzzi 1000 Le Mans - today’s tempter, Sep 18

Moto Guzzi Le Mans 1000

One of the last few variants of the breed and not to everyone’s tastes, but nevertheless a big, strong and exciting bike to ride.

It copped criticism for then fashionable 16-inch front wheel and a later variant switched back to 18, while a few owners did the conversion themselves.

This is one of the better-looking examples we’ve seen in recent times, on Bikesales at Au$19,500 (US$13,100, UK£11,400).

See the Classic Two Wheels contemporary test on the 1987 model.

And the Falloon piece on its predecessor, the Le Mans 850 MkIII.

Flashback: Regrets, Sep 18

Suzuki Katana 1100

Pondering the ghosts of bikes that have left the shed...see the story here.

Suzuki RGV250 - random brochure for the day, Sep 14

Suzuki RGV250

Wickedly quick and for a while there the bike to have if wanted to start a race career. See our profile here.

Flashback: Yamaha XS1100, Sep 13

Yamaha XS1100

Fast, famously robust and sometimes a bit loose in the handling department, that's the mighty Excess. From our Mighty Bikes series – see the story here.

What's a BMW R80 G/S PD worth? Sep 7


An interesting mini-debate was fired up recently on USA auction site Bring a Trailer. It had a few features: What is a 'real' R80 G/S Paris Dakar? How do you identify it? And what's it worth?

This has particular traction in the USA, which didn't receive the early Dakar – instead, you were offered a dealer kit that converted a standard G/S across to Dakar spec. So, is that a 'real' PD?

Identification of factory-fitted PDs is vexed, as there do not appear to be any markers in the frame and engine ID numbers.

As for what it's worth, the 1986 example above is running a dealer Dakar kit and a few other mods, and it came with the single seat option. It sold for Au$24,200 (US$16,250, GB£14,200)


That's a strong price by any standard. However it's some way back from the Bring a Trailer record from early last year, which went to what was listed as a low-mile 1983 example for a staggering Au$54,600 (US$36,000, GB£31,400).

Electric Amber, Sep 7

                    Spencer - Damon motorcycles

Damon e-bike exec Amber Spencer on the changing industry – from Web Bike World.

BMW K1 – today's tempter, Sep 6

bmw k1

Developed with the aid of a wind tunnel and pretty revolutionary for its day, the K1 from circa 1989 still generates love or hate reactions today.


Meanwhile, here's one for sale – one of the better examples we've seen in the last few years. It's with Brad's Vintage Cycle Sales near Brisbane at Au$12,500 (US$8500, GB£7400).

We owned one for a time and would happily have another in the shed. See the story.

Ducati Lambo, Sep 4

Ducati Lamborghini

Ducati's ongoing upmarket retailing efforts moved up a notch recently with the launch of the Streetfighter Lamborghini, based around the current V4 platform. The 208hp machine is dripping with carbon fibre goodies and is aimed to mimic the aesthetic of a Lambo Huracan.

Both companies are owned by Volkswagen.

See the New Atlas summary.

Aprilia's winged wonder, Sep 4

aprilia rsv4

Aprilia has launched what it bills as the ultimate track toy, with more than a little MotoGP tech thrown at it. Called the RSV4 Xtrenta, only 100 will be sold. See the story here.

Yamaha GTS1000 - today's tempter, Sep 4

Yamaha GTS1000

Okay, it's not super-rare, but you don't see a lot of these Yamaha GTS1000s getting around. The maker bought the rights to the James Parker RADD single-side front end chassis and built a motorcycle around it, using a toned-down FZR1000 five-valve engine.

It was pretty radical and expensive in its day, at Au$22,600 (US$15,400, GB£13,400) plus on-road costs.

This 1993 example has the factory pannier set and is claiming around 35,000km. It's on the market with Centrepoint Wholesale in Queensland via Facebook at Au$13,000 (US$8900, GB£7700).


We had one for a while – engine and chassis number 1. See the story here.

Flashback: Is God a practical joker? Sep 3

Honda CBX550

Rare and inexplicable goings-on in the bike fleet. See the story here.

Ducati 900SS Superlight, Sep1

Ducati 900ss

Nineties Ducati 900SS have become a modern classic. Here's Falloon on an upmarket version.

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