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Suzuki TS185ER

(pic by Ben Galli)

AllMoto is run by Guy 'Guido' Allen. Among other things, I've been writing/talking about motorcycles through magazines, video and radio (AMCN, Radio Rider and Motorcycle Trader, among others) and on the web since 1984 and have accidently become a collector. Or just plain greedy.

At the time of writing (Dec 2021) there are 17-ish bikes in the shed, across lots of brands and eras from 1947 and up.

Being a glutton for financial punishment, I've also flown light aircraft across a couple of decades and have had the honour of running Unique Cars magazine in print and digital forms. So of course there are a bunch of tintops bending the wallet, as well.

AllMoto has existed as a name since the late eighties and has emerged as a digital pubiication a couple of times over the last few decades. The first time was as a weekly e-zine through the mid-to-late 1990s.

In case you were wondering about the creature in the AllMoto logo, it's a lemming riding a motorcycle. That's thanks to a long-term association with the Lemmings Motorcycle Club, which luxuriates in the motto Death before Courtesy. It's a long story...

This, the latest version, has the Motorcycle Investor tag attached. My thinking there was to separate it from the usual news-new-models-reviews cycle which is already amply covered by very capable people. We all invest financially and emotionally in motorcycles, though more often than not they are an indulgence rather than a stake in our financial future. (That of course doesn't stop us from defending the purchase as an investment, dear...)

This is a mix of collector views and features. Much of it talks about auctions and values, good buys, motorcycles that have passed through the shed, along with the occasional new or used bike review, or something that looks like it's interesting. Sometimes you'll cop the odd observation about this riding life.

My motorcycle tastes are broad. One of the bikes I enjoy most is the humble Suzuki TS185ER pictured, which we bought a couple of decades ago for our kids.

However I have a soft spot for and own or have recently sheltered big and powerful sports tourers (Blackbird, Hayabusa, first-gen ZX-10, Daytona 1200), also some more traditional classics (T160, MkIII Commando, 860 GT Ducati), full-house cruisers (Springfield, Gilroy and Kings Mountain Indians), the odd sports bike (first-model Fireblade, several GSX-Rs, FZR1000, Ducati 916), adventure tourers (R100GS P-D, R1150GS) and a bunch of other stuff.

At the moment I'm mixing fresh work with stories from a very deep well of material I've been lucky enough to see published across the years. I hope you enjoy it.

Guy 'Guido' Allen

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