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1947 Indian Chief

Travels with Guido columns

Camchains and raiders of the lost forums

Of CBX1000s, complexity, and rabbit holes

That Seventies Vibe

Wrestling with the stylish end of the shed

Vlad and the irony of lunch

Dining with the Lemmings MC


Trust the bike – it can out-ride you

Completing the set

Power hounds

Not the race

Answering a question no-one asked


What about the owner left behind?

Hopping through Texas

Of Valkyries and kangaroos

On Speaking Terms

What does it take to really be happy with a project bike?

What now?

So you've just thrown a king's ransom at a motorcycle that's looking decidedly second-hand...what now?

Heart and Head

A good place to park your dough, or a financial sink-hole?

It's glandular, love

What drives us to choose a bike?

Tiddler Time

Let's ride something ridiculous

Ageing gracefully

Is there such a thing? Or is ‘patina’ another word for ‘rooted’

It's easy

Logic and old bikes have nothing in common

That 70s Show

Wild styling and quirky riding

Lunchtime market

The mixing of claret, food and finance has its risks

Rolling jewellery

The joys of simplicity in an age of power


Pondering the ghosts of sheds past

Second Life

How to drive motorcycle marketers crazy

Troubled touring

Maybe the hitchhiker wasn't such a hot idea

Pitch, roll and yaw

Riding is good for you

A telegram from the Queen

Not too much to ask

Is God a practical joker?

On weird coincidences

Silly bloody idea

Nobody mention the cafe racer

The key conundrum

Pondering the rampant friskyness of motorcycle keys

What ride today?

Sport scalpel, touring lump, or sports tourer?

Big sky dreaming

Forget the bike, what can it do for you?

Bike talk

What is it you lot are on about?

Unreliable character

Persistence or stupidity?

Dinosaur soup

Is there another GSX1100 destined for the shed?

The Great Escape

Examining the great CB mystery

Ariel dreaming

Discovering a fifties super cruiser

Sod Skippy

On kangaroos, Darwin and the meaning of crashes

Antiques Roadshow

Stuck in a time warp

A Christmas Wish

The cat's in charge and Hannibal has been cut loose


Is there anything wrong with an unquenchable thirst for motorcycles?

Mad Dogs & Daytonas

Touring on some Brits with a Brit

In search of Bliss

What happens when they break faster than you can fix them

Classic Debate

Does it matter if it's factory correct?

Agent Orange

Suffering a bad case of the Jotas

Little Ms Sunshine

Recovering from a Winter of discontent

Naming Rites

Naming a motorcycle is much riskier than it seems

Not the Cafe Racer

When builds get out of control

Five Down

Trouble in the emergency ward of the shed

A Ute-Load of Kats

Want to swap? Nup

The Blithering Stare

Sanity and your choice of ride

Snow Bunnies

Time to question your sanity

I'll be in the Shed

The trials of a spanner-twirler

What's a Fake?

When do we accept revival brands?

Guns and land barges

Extreme road safety

The Buying Mantra

Why selling has become a mug's game

Tooling Up

Preparation is over-rated

You Again

Dreaming of another Valkyrie

Not the Triumph

How a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing

Frankenstein my friend

Unreasonable urges to build a special

Little Things

Ever get the feeling those allegedly 'little jobs' in the shed are ganging up on you?

One Great Ride

Is it possible you spent all that money for a single run?

Hoarder or Collector?

It's a very fine line between the two!


Nothing beats our Kawasaki ZRX1200R as a commuter

Restomods – love 'em or hate 'em?

You don't have to follow in the factory’s footsteps

Bad Criteria

Is there such a thing as a defensible motorcycle purchase?

Loch Ness Rider

Are you a real motorcyclist?


It's time to build your own cabinet of curiosities

Museum Piece

With a new toy coming, it was time to sell

Time Travel

Let's relive the seventies


Does life behind bars change us forever?

Soviet Surprise

Looking fondly back at the mighty MZ ETZ250

What now?

What to do with that really expensive classic?

FireBlade Therapy

Why aren't there more sports bikes in rehab centres?

End of the Road

How a poor design decision buggers your day, two decades later

The Matt Solution

Anyone who buys your pride and joy should have to sign a contract that lets you take it back


Getting sprung with a new classic, and other shed disasters.


Power power everywhere and nowhere to use it. We have a plan...

Buying Nina

Getting a taste of Italy with a Ducati 916.

Online Sobriety

Should internet shopping be a grog-free zone?

Too many bikes?

Trying the Tiger Moth decoy. This is what happens when you run out of excuses and diversion tactics.

Shed Drunk

A shed tour leads to a rash promise

How much is too much?

It's a question of power

Stick to Riding

Safer than dog-walking

The Price Game

What's an old bike really worth?

Breakfast at WIlson's

The classics are running and all is right with the world

The Uncle Harry Complex

Should every family have one?

Cracking walnuts

V10 or V4? it's your choice

Living in the 90s

Getting obsessed about an era

The curse of the trailer

Death-defying feats and no applause

Cool Casper

Buying a Yamaha GTS1000

A classic challenge

They're easy to love, when they start

The Perfect Workshop

We all need one of these

What makes a touring bike

Did Kawasaki accidentally build the ultimate tourer?

Ageing Gracefully

Polish it or play with it - those are your choices

Captain Practical

Why we need an MZ in the shed

Bye-bye Buell

On the passing of a brand

Little Victories

Battling WInston the sodding Sunbeam

Of Frogs and Loons

What's with the extra wheel?

On the Tools

A nice red and a bit of sun

Workshop Buddy

We all need one


Shed invaders & track days

Blacklist - grumpy seller

Buyer beware!

Home Grown

Shed-built contraptions

Learners are Heroes

Who knew it was this hard?

Board Stroker

Two-stroke madness


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