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News Apr 2022

R90S racer, April 30

BMW R90s racer

Ian Falloon's second edition of the book on the R90S is almost ready. It also includes a chapter on the racing R90S. Here's a taster.


Yamaha MT series v1.0, Apr 29

Yamaha MT-01

Yamaha's mighty MT-01. Remember these?

See our profile

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So far so good, Apr 29

BMW K1200 LT

We recently picked up the ‘new’ 1999 BMW land yacht and some hours later booked a room at the Holbrook Hilton for the night, 600km from where we started out.

The K1200LT was pitched as a direct competitor to Honda’s GL1500 Gold Wing and cost $32,000. This one set us back $8500. That’s with under 50,000km on the odo.

And the verdict? So far so good.

Plan A is to shout it a new front tyre, then use it for a Melbourne-Brisbane and return trip in June. We’ll let you know how we get on.

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Turbo time, Apr 25

Kawasaki GPz750 turbo

Arguably the pick of the turbo bikes from the eighties, the Kawasaki GPz750T delivered on the promise of scintillating performance in what was for the time a high-tech package. However, like its ilk from Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha, it disappeared off the market in a short space of time.

This 1984 example is for sale with a Melbourne retailer for Au$26,000 (US$18,800, GB£14,600) and is listed with a host of performance upgrades including an 810cc big-bore kit. See it here via Bikesales.

We've had one of these in the shed – see our feature on it.

And see our Turbo Kings feature on all the turbo machines of the eighties.

NOS Ducati cracks $115k, Apr 25


The unused 1976 Ducati 900SS we highlighted a few days ago has sold for Au$115,500 (US$84,000, GB£65,000).

That fits a pattern where factory-fresh commands a huge premium at auction – often double the value of a good used example.

See the auction lot here.

See our Ducati features here.

All British Rally gallery, Apr 23

All British

See our quick gallery from this year's BSA Owners' All British Rally, at its annual morning run to Maldon, Victoria (Australia).

Ducati's big day, Apr 23

Ducati Imola

From Ian Falloon:
Today marks the 50th anniversary of the 1972 Imola 200 F750 race. Here is a story about it...see it here.

4km Ducati 900SS at auction, Apr 22


While some will see it as a criminal waste, unused motorcycles are a hot ticket in the auction world and this 1976 Ducati 900SS seems to fit the pattern.

With just 4km on the odo, the machine has seen bidding reach Au$65,500  (US$48,000, GB£37,000) with two days to go. See the lot here at Collecting Cars.

Ducati racer on market, Apr 21

Ducati 916 racer

Definitely something you don't see every day: A factory customer racer version of a Ducati 916. The Melbourne-based bike being offered via Facebook for Au$89,000 (US$66,000, GB£51,000).

Here's what the seller has to say about it: "The first of the 916 factory race bikes available to race teams. One of four purchased by Frasers Ducati for their Ducati Dealer Team.

“The bike competed in the Shell Superbike Series 95-96 ridden by various legends like Giles and McConnell. Check YouTube. Lots of race wins and epic battles. Great piece of Australian motorcycle racing history.


“The bike was purchased from Frasers in 1998 with a bunch of spares that were used to restore the bike. Also the motor was freshly rebuilt just before sale with new cases. Since complete restoration it has done two tracks days and then sat in an office for 20-plus years. 150hp - 150kg.


“The best of everything was used to build these bikes and they went on to dominate the WSBK for years winning 94, 95, 96, 98, 99, 01. Original race livery supplied by Frasers back in 98. Comes with document of authenticity from the Ducati Dealer Team. Originally over 80k in 1995.” See the listing.

Moto Guzzi's V50, Apr 21

Moto Guzzi V50

The Italian maker's diminutive V50 series was probably under-rated, says Ian Falloon. See the story here.

Hailwood's Ducati 250 twin, Apr 18

Ducati 250
              twin racer hailwood

Ducati's 250 parallel twin racer was a fascinating project. Ian Falloon unwraps its troubled history.

Wagner cycle, Apr 17

BMW R100GS ad

Thought for the day, courtesy of a BMW R100GS print ad.

See our R100GS here.

Big XS – where are they all? Apr 16


Remember Yamaha's mighty XS1100? Once upon a time they were a common sight on our roads, usually loaded to the gills and/or hauling a sidecar.

These days, they're a very rare sight – so what happened to them all? Did they simply get worn out?

See our profile.

Snow rider, Apr 16

snow rider

We couldn't resist sharing this oddball travel yarn...

BMW K1 – bargain classic, Apr 15


BMW's wild K1 represented a different era. See the Falloon profile here.

And the story on our example here.

Oddball for the week: Magni Australia, Apr 14

Magni Australia

When was the last time you saw one of these? The intriguing name came about as a tribute to former long-term Moto Guzzi importer Ted Stolarski, who campaigned a couple of Magni race bikes.

As for the bike itself, it's a Daytona powertrain in a Magni chassis and is somewhat rare. This much-used 1995 example was up for auction recently at Bring a Trailer, however it failed to sell at a top bid of Au$21,300 (US$15,900, GB£12,100).

See a model profile at MCnews

See the Magni specs sheet here

Look for our Moto Guzzi features here

Benelli therapy, Apr 13


Benelli minibikes from 1968.

We all need a few of these…call it therapy.

More on Benelli minibikes at Myron's mopeds.

Random ad for the day, Apr 12

Moto Guzzi 1925

Moto Guzzi circa 1925.

Look for our Moto Guzzi features here

Crazy success, Apr 10

Yamaha XS1

Yamaha's first XS650, the XS1, was rated highly by the USA mag Cycle World on its 1970 introduction.

Yamaha XS1

The author wrote: "In its introductory year, the XS-650 must be considered a succes fou (crazy success), having supplied all the ingredients required to please the big Twin fancier in an up-to-date, beautifully styled package. It looks good, rides good, stays clean and shows few of the faults one would expect in a first-year model."

See it here at the Australian owners club site.

RE Sellout, Apr 9

              Enfield 120 anniversary models

Royal Enfield's recently-announced 120th anniversary model 650s sold out its Australian allocation of 60 machines in just 24 hours. That's despite them being offered at around a 30 per cent premium over the standard models.

See the story at Bikesales.

Rocket Ron style, Apr 8

Honda Style

Random ad for the day – dress up your Honda CB250/400N to look like Rocket Ron's ride!

Honda CB400N data

Big Bimmer result, Apr 7


This 1976 BMW R90S showing 73,000 miles on the odo has just fetched Au$39,900 (US$32,250, GB£23,100) on Bring a Trailer.

While prices on most other airheads have been moderate, these and early GS series have been galloping along.

See the lot here.

BMW R90S backgrounder.

BMW /5, Apr 7

BMW R75/5

One of BMW's most influential motorcycle series now qualifies as a bargain classic. See the story here.

Triumph T120, Apr 6

Triumph T120

Today's random ad.

Bonneville backgrounder by Falloon.

Specs at Motorcycle Specs.

NOS Ascot, Apr 5

Honda FT500

Here's an eighties oddball for you: A Honda FT500 from 1982, still in the crate and up for auction via Bring a Trailer. It sold for Au$10,600 (US$7900, GB£6100)

Honda FT500

Known as the Ascot in the USA, after the flat-track circuit of the same name, it ran a variant of the XR/XL series four-valve 498cc single, with electric starter. It claimed a modest 34 horses for a 175kg wet weight.

They were sold in low numbers in Australia from 1982 to 1984, with the price starting at Au$2200 (US$1700, GB£1300) plus on-road costs and eventually reducing to Au$1800.

See the stats at Motorcycle Specs.

Hagrid's ride, Apr 4

Coltraine Sunbeam S7

A 1950 Sunbeam S7 Deluxe once owned by UK actor Robbie Coltrane is up for auction via Bonhams. And yes, the only reason we've picked up on this is we had no idea we shared anything with Coltrane, even if it is just taste in oddball motorcycles.

The S7 was a courageous post-war design, running an overhead cam, alloy, unit construction, tandem twin 500 powerplant with four-speed transmission and shaft drive.

Coltrane evidently owned the machine for some years and sold it in 2003. It was restored some 10 years later.

Sunbeam S7 Deluxe

The series began production in 1946 and had a troubled early history. Launched in 1949, the Deluxe scored mechanical updates and was usually painted in the Mist Green shown above.

Coltraine Sunbeam S7

Coltrane, meanwhile, has had an interesting screen career across drama and documentary. He of course has become most famous for playing Hagrid in the Harry Potter movie series.

The bike is being auctioned by Bonhams with an estimate of Au$14-17,500 (US$10-13,000, GB£8-10,000).

See the lot here.


See the story on our S7 (above).

Great all-rounder, Apr 3

Honda VFR750

Flashback: Honda VFR750...what a great all-rounder. See our feature.

Final fling, Apr 3

MV Agusta
                    850 ss

MV Agusta’s 850 SS Monza was the last hurrah for the legendary America platform. See the Falloon story.

Norvin auction, Apr 2


Interesting hand-built Norvin single up for auction - see it here.

See our story on this machine.

Former Norton boss sentenced, Apr 1


From MC News: Stuart Garner, former owner of Norton Motorcycles has been given a suspended prison sentence for illegally investing pension schemes’ money into his business. See the story here.

Previous reports: See our Feb 1 and Feb 18 stories from 2020.

Sharp Bridgestone buy, Apr 1

Bridgestone BS90

Just the thing if you're looking for a cheap and cheerful classic to take on the odd squirt: A 1968 Bridgestone BS90 said to be in good running order with unrestored cosmetics.

At just Au$2600 (US$1900, GB£1500) you'd have to think it was worth a punt.

More on this long-lost brand at Scott's Bridgestone Motorcycle site.

Want earlier news & views? See our archive.


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