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Snowbound - travel story for the day

snow rider

snow rider

(From Facebook, April 2022 – by Mark Anthony James Powell)

On Saturday 28 March, 1992, I rode over the Alps on the RS from Italy to Bavaria, to stay with friends in Dingolfing. I never made it. I hit a blizzard in a high pass and found the going more and more difficult.


I was well enough wrapped to cope with the cold, but had to wipe continually the snow from my visor. I stopped at a service station to drink a hot chocolate and thought of sleeping overnight in the toilets, but the staff wanted to close the place and I was the only customer.


I then pulled over in a niche in a tunnel, and considered sleeping there, but the atmosphere stank of exhaust fumes. I managed to arrive on the plain in Bavaria, but the snow was even worse and I could see nothing beyond a few yards.


Then I spotted a bus shelter big enough to contain both me AND the bike, and which had a bench to sleep on, so I rode inside and rolled out my sleeping bag onto my "bed" for the night.


Luckily I had my Russian rabbit fur hat, which I wore through the night. I slept until 7.10am, when the first bus arrived. One man got off. He stood shivering, staring at me. He must have been at a party the night before, because he wore a colourful Hawaiian shirt and no coat. We looked at each other and said nothing...


I arrived at my friends' house in time for breakfast and heard that 4 people had died in the Alps in the blizzard.

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