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News July 2022

Random ad for the day, July 31

Puncher minibike

Did you ever own one of these? There was a time when it seemed this basic style of minibike was everywhere. Now, not so much...we of course talking of last century!

Blades – new and old, July 29


AMCN has reviewed the 30th anniversary Honda Fireblade. See it here.

Price? Start thinking around Au$50k (US$35,000, GB£29,000) and over.

See our profile on the first model.

And the video on the example we had in the shed.

One-off Hayabusa for Suzuki hero, July 29


From Visor Down: Suzuki has signed off with MotoGP, superbike and endurance racer Sylvain Guintoli with a one-off Hayabusa. More here.

See the Hayabusa in our shed.

CBX at Shannons, July 28


The upcoming Shannons classics auction in Melbourne, Australia, is featuring a strong field of 38 motorcycles. Among them is this, a 1979 Honda CBX1000.

Evidently it has undergone a fair bit of restoration work, with the only obvious mod being a switch from 6-into-2 to a 6-into-6 exhaust system. It has a suggested price range of Au$18-26,000 (US$12-18,000, GB£10-15,000).

See the full cattledog here – the auction runs August 2-9.

See the epic period road test of the Honda CBX 1000 at Classic Two Wheels.

Mr Individual, July 28

ducati 750 gt

From Ian Falloon: In the 1970s motorcycles were simple and individual...if you liked V-twins there was really only one contender, Ducati’s 750 GT. See the full story here.

Random brochure for the day, July 26


1982 Kawasaki GPz1100.

See the stats at Motorcycle Specs.

Flashback: Suzuki TL1000R, July 25


Suzuki's second crack at the litre V-twin platform was a big improvement and these days has its own fan club. See our profile on the TL1000S/R series.

Ducati 999, July 23

ducati 999

Ducati's 999 struggled for market acceptance from day one, but these days probably represents an opportunity. More here from Ian Falloon.

Tale of two auction lots, July 23

ducati 900ss

If ever you needed proof of how baffling the motorcycle market can be, here it is with two lots gaining wildly different results from the same H&H auction in the UK.

First is a 1993 Ducati 900SS, an enjoyable thing to ride and you'd think would be worth a substantial sum given the name on the tank. The bike has been sitting in storage for some years and so would need recommissioning plus a bit of a tidy-up. Not necessarily a huge job.

How much? It sold for a measly Au$2800 (US$1900, GB£1610).

lambretta sx200

Meanwhile a nicely preserved 1968 Lambretta SX200 Special went for a staggering Au$45,700 (US$31,800, GB£26,450)!

Kawasaki Turbo on the market, July 21

Kawasaki turbo

This 1984 Kawasaki 750 turbo (aka ZX750E2) has popped up on the market in Bundaberg, Queensland. The seller says it's been restored back to stock and you have to say it looks great.

The owner says it has Australian compliance and has it on the market for Au$23,000 (US$15,800, GB£13,200). It's advertised on Gumtree.

We had one in the shed a few years ago – see the story here;

Plus a model profile here;

And our Turbo Kings feature on the mid-80s turbos from Japan.

Bikefest 2023, July 21

bikefest oz

A group of courageous souls lead by Heavy Duty magazine founder Chris Beattie is creating what they say represents a huge hole in Australia's annual event calendar – namely a bike week of the scale of Sturgis, Isle of Man TT week, Daytona Bike Week and the like.

Currently based on Queensland's Gold Coast, the festival's timing is mid-August 2023 with firm dates to be confirmed.

“There is a bloody lot of work ahead, that’s for sure, but we’ve got the support of a lot of the local community up here, which is still very much recovering from the disastrous floods early this year, and I’m confident we’ll host a great event that will become an annual feature of the Australasian motorcycle calendar,” he said.

“We even hope to have daily beach rides, just like at Daytona Bike Week, so visitors can ride their bikes along a beautiful stretch of the shoreline and have their photos taken on the sand.

“But our underlying message to all of our guests and visitors at Bike Fest Oz! 2023 will be ‘Respect’. We will be urging all of the motorcyclists and others who attend to show the utmost respect for each other, the local communities, the pristine environment up here and also police, who will helping to ensure the event runs smoothly and with minimal disruption to locals."

Harley-Davidson is the feature brand in the inaugural year, celebrating its 120th birthday. However owners of all marques are invited to the event.

The organisers are suggesting people hold off booking accommodation for the time being, as the event is working on group discounts for participants. You can register an interest and find out more at

Engine-spotting, July 20

Suzuki re5

Suzuki rotary RE5 engine cutaway...remember these?

See our RE5 page, and one for sale here.

Mac the Valk take II, July 19

honda vlakyrie interstate

Look what's returned to our shed – 20 years after we sold our first. See the story here.

Millyard 5-pot screamer for auction, July 17

Millyard Kawasaki

A five-cylinder Kawasaki two-stroke by Allen Millyard is up for auction with H&H in the UK. It’s carrying an estimate of Au$70-87,000 (US$47-60,000, GB£40-50,000). See the story here.

UK pushes for end of ICE bikes, July 17


The UK government is toying with the idea of banning sales of new internal combustion engine (ICE) motorcycles by anywhere from 2030 to 2035. It has already announced ICE cars will end by the earlier date, while the European Union has set a date of 2035.

There is opposition to the UK plan. See the story at Web Bike World and links to discussion papers, here.

Hopping through Texas, July 16


Since we recently got on to the topic of Honda Valkyrie Interstates, and our acquisition of a second example, here's a quick story from a trip with the first bike some 20 years ago.

Flying Tiger, July 16

Triumph Tiger Cam Donald

The phrase "glutton for punishment" immediately springs to mind. All-round good guy and star road racer, Cam Donald recently took on the gruelling South Australian 24-hour Trial aboard a giant Triumph Tiger 1200 Rally Pro. Yep, the monster triple-cylinder shaft drive.

Now this is an event more suited to a rally expert on a well-prepped 450. Make that a 250 if you're anything less than an A-grade competitor.

Anyway, the gist is both man and machine survived the event. It's worth a quick read via AMCN.

Valkyrie pick-up, July 16

Honda Valkyrie

We picked up this 2001 Honda Valkyrie Interstate in sunny Bundanoon (NSW) this week and rode it home to Melbourne.

This is our second example – the first was about 20 years ago.

How is it so far? Delightful...more to come.

See our Valkyrie profile

Rare Ducati on market, July 15

ducati 996rs

Claiming to be one of just eight made, this 2001 Ducati 998RS racer originally saw service with the Reve Red Bull team in the UK. It has since been restored in 2002 Troy Bayliss livery and is on the market via Facebook at Au$120,000 (US$82,000, GB£69,000). It's located in Victoria, Australia.

Dax days, July 12

honda dax

Something to brighten up your day: Honda's CT-70 Trail, aka the Dax.

First launched by Honda in 1969, it was relaunched in 2022 for the 2023 model year.

See the Hemmings backgrounder on the original;

And the Bikesales story on the relaunch.

Guzzi days, July 10

moto guzzi le

Moto Guzzi's 850 Le Mans was an image-changing model for the firm and remains a popular choice among lovers of classic motorcycles. See the original 1978 road test from Two Wheels magazine.

The ad shown here has a little back story. Photographer Rob Lewis (find him on Facebook) recalls taking the shot, sitting backwards on his Z1 Kawasaki, which was being piloted by mate Col Murray. Apparently it was a fairly disconcerting experience.

And who was riding the Guzzi? The legendary Ken Blake.

See our 850 Le Mans model profile here.

Shed crash, July 8


How a minor cock-up left two premium bikes damaged and a fair old repair bill, but we all came up smiling in the end. See the story.

Market surprises, July 5

MV f4s

Zero-mile hero bikes remain the proverbial catnip for collectors at the moment. Witness this auction via Donington in Australia, where an MV Agusta F4S with 5km on the clock, went for Au$37,000 (US$25,000, GB£21,000)


It was a pretty good result for a model that in Strada form has only recently shown appeal for collectors. Back around two decades ago, these were retailing new in the region of Au$25,000 (US$17,000, GB£14,000). Used, their prices dropped to around half that amount.

That however was an exception in a bigger collector motorcycle auction that produced some interesting results, suggesting that anything other than solid-gold collector bikes might be worth a little less than the sellers expect. The sale rate was about 50 per cent, and prices were generally low.

There are a few things going on here. With interest rates rising, there will be more caution in the middle to lower ends of the market. However there is an investor sector that's essentially bullet-proof and will continue to pay good money for premium gear.

yamaha rz500

By way of contrast, this Yamaha RZ500 – a really nice resto – sold recently on Ebay in Australia for Au$40,000 (US$27,000, GB£23,000). That's solid money and about the top end of the market.

However the definition of premium gear is always shifting. For example. Honda CB750-Fours in good nick are getting stronger-than-ever results. Shannons in May got a staggering Au$42,500 (US$30,000, GB£24,000) for a nicely-presented 1972 K2, which we saw as a rogue result.

Honda CB750-Four K1

That's been followed up this month by the sale of a 1971 K1 through Collecting Cars at Au$27,050 (US$18,500, GB£15,300). We'd see that as more representative of the current market and is still significantly higher than what we were seeing a year ago.

See the Honda K1 in our shed;

And the Ducati 916 that used to be in residence.

Moto Guzzi racer, July 2

Moto Guzzi C4V

Something you won't see very often – a four-valve OHC 1925 Moto Guzzi C4V production racer, claimed to be good for 100mph in its day. The 498cc engine was good for 22hp when first released, upgraded to 32 in later models.

The machine is being offered via Just Bikes for $145,000. See more pics of this model, here.

Moto Guzzi poster 1925

We like that it almost fits the profile of the machine shown in the factory street bike poster of the same year, above.

Random ad for the day - Honda, July 1

Honda 90 ad

1964 Honda 90 ad. Not sure what the point of the graphic is, but you have to admit it's eye-catching!

Want earlier news & views? See our archive.


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