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Suzuki Patroller

Get a Suzuki Patroller

(March 5, 2021)

Unique police model

Suzuki Patroller

Here's something you definitely won't see every day, a 1976 police variant of the Suzuki GT750 'waterbottle'.

Some are believed to have seen service in Europe and Australia, though most are thought to have been sent into service across Asia and Africa.

Suzuki also built a GT500 Patroller.

Suzuki Patroller

Apart from the obvious bodywork, lights and solo seat, it was fitted with a more finely calibrated than standard speedo (by Nippon Denso) with a pointer stop to record the top speed of whoever the cop was chasing.

Located in Germany, this looks like an exceptional example. It will be interesting to see what it fetches.

Cop bikes don't necessarily attract big prices, despite their compariticve rarity and the effort that goes into restoring them. See the auction here.

See our GT750 page here and our T500 page here.

Suzuki Patroller


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