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suzuki hayabusa 2021

New-gen Hayabusa revealed

(by Guy ‘Guido’ Allen, Feb 5, 2021)

suzuki hayabusa 2021

Major make-over claiming lots more electronics, slicker handling, updated styling

Suzuki has today unveiled its third-generation of its premium muscle bike, the Hayabusa, via a world reveal across its social media channels.

suzuki hayabusa

Originally launched in 1999, the GSX1300R boasted a top speed in excess of 300km/h, before belatedly succumbing to an industry agreement to keep top speeds below that benchmark.

suzuki hayabusa

Gen 2 was launched in 2007, with a bigger and more powerful engine – up from 1299cc to 1340 with a power claim rising from 175 to 194hp. Over time it adopted ABS.

This third generation, like the second, has come in for a major restyle, though the overall profile at least nods to its predecessors. Overall, the company says some 550 components have been changed – the most comprehensive refresh in the model's history.

suzuki hayabusa

Under the paint the engine remains at 1340cc and actually claims a little less peak power (187hp). However Suzuki is quick to point out the tuning has been altered to make the power and torque more accessible and the bike claims to be quicker than its predecessor on acceleration tests. It still has a 299km/h top speed – "that was a given", according to the designers. Meanwhile it's had to meet more stringent Euro 5 emission standards.

hayabusa specs

suzuki hayabusa 2021

Much is made of the balance and set-up of the machine, which the company says feels lighter and easier to handle. Wet weight is a claimed 264kg and fuel capacity is 20lt. Seat height is 800mm.

suzuki engineer

suzuki stylist

suzuki wind tunnel

The development video below, which is very good, shows interviews with various people involved in the project and points to a wide variety of options that were examined as part of the new model's development, including turbocharging and six-cylinder engines.


We're nevertheless surprised the company didn't have a big new number to throw out there when it comes to engine capacity, horsepower, or preferably both. Isn't that what the Hayabusa is about?

Gen 3 is running a far more comprehensive suite of electronics, including cornering/dynamic ABS and traction control, launch control, cruise control, quick-shifter and various selectable modes. This is wrapped up as the corporate 'intelligent ride system', employing what is descibed as a six-axis inertial measurement unit.

Suzuki highlights the high level of customisation the software offers, with options to change or fine-tune the ride as the relationship progresses across the years and the rider's tastes change. It's interesting to see an ownership window of five to 10 years is mentioned.

suzuki hayabusa 2021

Though the bike features LED lighting and a TFT centre screen in the dash, Suzuki has stuck with a traditional pair of analogue main guages. That will immediately set it apart in the styling stakes and is a nice touch.

One detail that is surprising is the pillion seat cowl is listed as an accessory. Previously, on Gen 1 and 2, it was part of the deal.

suzuki hayabusa 2021

Three colours are being offered – see above. The Gen 2 Hayabusa was being sold at Au$18,990 on the road in its run-out year. The new model is priced at $27,690 on the road, with delivery starting in Q3. See Suzuki's mini-site here.

Suzuki tech presentation video


Suzuki Hayabusa 2021


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