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Kawasaki Z900

Ride like it's 1976

(October 2020)

by Guy ‘Guido’ Allen

Maybe you were born that year, or perhaps you just like seventies motorcycles – in any case this pairing at the upcoming Shannons auction caught our eye.

Honda cb750-four

Both the Honda CB750-Four (above) and Kawasaki Z900 (top) series were hugely important in the development of inline four motorcycles and the market that adopted them, and both were a relatively mature product by the time that year rolled around.

The Honda shown here is a K6 and by then had undergone relatively little change since the series launched in 1969, while the Z900 was in its last model year and was about to be superseded by the KZ1000.

Both examples have had some restoration work done, with the Honda showing a non-original paint scheme. It carries a fairly broad auction estimate of Au$15-20,000 (US$10-15,000, GB£8-11,000).

The Kawasaki has an estimate of Au$18-22,000 (US$13-15,500, GB£10-12,000). Both are part of a larger group of 37 bikes on offer through an online auction on 11-18 November.


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Kawasaki Z900

Kawasaki Z900

Honda CB750-4

Honda CB750-4



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