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Krauser invention

(by Guy 'Guido' Allen, August 2023)

Europe was for a time blessed with some innovative constructors – Krauser was one of them

Krauser MKM


Back in the mid-1980s Krauser founder Mike 'Gigi' Krauser was keen to realise his ambitions to do a whole lot more than make what was then class-leading motorcycle luggage. The former German sidecar racing champion branched out in a couple of directions and this was one of the results: The Krauser MKM 1000.

Based on the R100 BMW boxer platform of the day, it ran a unique frame and bodywork and was hugely expensive.

Up to 237 were made, though many of those were likely to have been sold as kits rather than whole motorcycles.

If you wanted the whole package you ordered his four-valve heads, which aren't on the machine shown here.

This 1986 example was up for auction with Iconic in the USA and sold for Au$33,500 (US$21,500, GB£17,000).

Krauser domani

Meanwhile let's not forget arguably his greatest success, the Krauser Domani outfit of 1990, initially running a K100 BMW powerplant before moving on to later 16-valve variants.

Something over 100 have been made, with Japan turning out to be a huge market, taking around one quarter of production. New Zealand is also thought to have ordered around 10 per cent. Keep in mind both countries are right-hand-drive, when the Domani is left-hand and can't be switched over.

Mike sadly died in 1991 but his family and then LCR Switzerland carried on production.

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