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Indian four 1938

What's a Springfield Indian worth?

(by Guy 'Guido' Allen, March 4, 2021)

Starklite in the USA has long been tracking local prices of historic Indians and reports values have risen over recent years. At the top of the pricing tree is a concours-level (condition 1) 1938-39 Indian Four (1938 example above by Mecum) at Au$96,000 (US$74,500, GB£53,400).

A well-presented condition 2 example is pinned at $83,000 (US$64,500, GB£46,300).

indian four 1940

Later examples, built 1940-42 (like ths one from Mecum), are valued lower at Au$91,000 (US$70,750, GB£50,800) for a condition 1 example Au$80,500 (US$62,500, GB£45,000) for a condition 2.

indian chief 1947

More familiar to most of us are the classic twins. A 1946-48 Chief in condition 1 shape is valued at Au$52,000 (US$40,500, GB£29,000) in the US market, while a condition 2 example is valued at AU$41,900 (US$32,500, GB£23,300).

Indian chief 1953

Chiefs from the final two years (1952-53) of Spingfield production are highly prized, apparently. A condition 1 unit is valued at a staggering Au$78,400 (US$60,900, GB£11,000) while priceing for a condition 2 example is estimated at Au$66,900 (US$51,900, GB£37,200). The example above is from Mecum.

See the full story from Starklite, here.



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