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Honda SL350 – forgotten trail twin

(by Guy 'Guido' Allen, September 2023)

Honda SL350


Back in the late 1960s and early 1970s, makers were more than happy to leverage some of their small to mid-sized street engines for trail bikes or scramblers. Honda's SL350 twin is a perfect example

Honda sl350

Honda's mighty twin-cylinder SL350 trail bike met with a muted reception way back in 1969-71 and we're wondering if there are many survivors out there.

Basic stats for the 326cc four-stroke were 33 horses (24.6kW) at 9500rpm in a package with a dry weight of 145kg (320lb).

Most would not have been worth restoring and Hagerty in the USA lists the value of a good example at around Au$6200 (US$4000, GB£3150).

There are however exceptions, such as the below. It was formerly owned by actor John Wayne and auctioned last year by Sotheby's. Though long-departed, it seems the movie star still has pulling power, with the Honda fetching Au$46,000 (US$30,000, GB£23,600).

More specs at Motorcycle Specs.

honda sl350 john wayne

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