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1970s Honda Rolling Road for Sale, October 22

Honda rolling road

Here's a bit of shed jewellery that your mate next door won't have: a 1970s-era Honda rolling road. The seller in the USA suggests it was supplied to dealers, and it's on the market via Ebay for Au$3900 (US$2750, GB£2100)

Engineer and magazine columnist Rob Blackbourn had this to offer on what it is: "Here’s my best guess from what can be seen: it isn’t a machine meant to either variably load the engine (as in a rolling road with simulated hills etc) or to measure torque/power – the belt just couldn’t handle or transmit the sort of loads those functions require.

"To me it looks like it’s set up to allow you to take the bike up to whatever speed you need (not high-speed – the limits of the belt again), probably 60 or 80km/h or whatever, and then do a steady-speed endurance run to test whatever bike system requires assessment.

"The advantage over bench testing of say an engine would be that the whole driveline gets a run, as does the front wheel (and its bearings etc). The belt-driven fans should take care of cooling as the blurb suggests.

"One possible application that comes to mind would be running in a rebuilt engine and gearbox (particularly on a racebike that can’t be exercised on the road) by giving it a few hours on the machine."

Honda rolling road




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