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Honda CB750-Four K1

Classic Motorcycle prices soar

by Guy ‘Guido’ Allen, pic by Ben Galli, Jan 24, 2021


How come prices for classics are rising, even in the face of Covid?

If you've been watching the classic bike market in Australia over recent times, you may have observed a couple of things: 1. There is a shortage of stock; 2. Prices have risen.

Price rises in fact have been solidly underway for the last three to four years, so pre Covid.

However the situation with the virus has pulled back stock levels – many people are simply sitting back to see what happens.

Surprisingly, even though a lot of people have been hit hard financially by Covid, the classic motorcycle and car markets have in fact been bubbling along at a furious rate. So there are still people out there with money.

Why the rise in the face of this adversity? The reasons are several. On the simplest level, people who aren’t travelling are finding themselves with spare cash washing around and are spending it on toys. We’re talking substantial amounts of money. According to statista.com, to the year ending March 2020 we spent Au$65 billion (US$50bn, GB£37bn) on international travel.

Anyone with spare cash is unlikely to be attracted to the near-zero bank interest rates, while classic vehicles have shown excellent growth (despite some ups and downs) over the last few decades. And they’re more fun to play with than a share.

The classic car market is experiencing the same thing on a greater scale at the moment. See this story from Unique Cars magazine.

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