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bimota tesi

Rare Bimota fetches big money, Jan 8 2021

This 1992 0-mile Bimota Tesi 1D 904SR was sold at online auction recently, for Au$98,000 (US$76,000, GB£56,000). Listed with Bring a Trailer, it was one of just 20 of this model ever made.

Back in 1992, it would have cost in the region of Au$58,000 (US$45,000, GB£33,000).

bimota tesi

The chassis of the machine is two aluminium main frame members arched over the engine, plus a stubby steel lattice rear subframe, with a swingarm at each end. They're controlled by premium Marzocchi shock-absorbers, running Marchenisi wheels.

The front is of course running hub-centre steering, claiing the advantage of separating steering and suspension for a more responsive whole.

bimota tesi

Unusually for an alternative front-end machine, it ran twin front discs – in the this case 320mm discs with four-piston Brembo calipers.

Included on the list of exotic equipment was carbon-fibre bodywork and all-up it weighed a claimed 188kg dry – light but not necessarily record-breaking for a litre-class motorcycle.

Claimed power from the Ducati liquid-cooled engine, in street trim (there was also a race ECU available), was around 115hp. Top speed was around 240km/h.

bimota tesi

Mac McDiarmid of Super Bike magazine in the UK was full of priase for the model, in a 1991 road test: "On the road the Tesi is quite unlike anything else. The lack of dive when slowing, and the fact the suspension continues to work during hard braking, means that the Tesi can be braked later and cornered harder than anything else on the road."

This example was unused and came with both race and road ECUs, demountable instruments and a long list of extras. See it here.




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