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What's a Benelli 750 Sei worth?

Benelli 750 Sei

by Guy 'Guido' Allen, Mar 1, 2021

Benelli 750 Sei

What's a clean and running 1976 Benelli 750 six worth? This example recently fetched a top bid of Au$18,100 (US$14,000, GB£10,000) on an Ebay auction – said to be its second when the first buyer pulled out. The vendor has since put it up for Au$29,500 (US$22,900, GB£16,400), which seems a huge gap.

Is it just that the buyer pool was muddied by the first non-sale? It's possible.

Bring a Trailer sold one two years ago for Au$13,900 (US$10,750, GB£7700), which was a bargain. Meanwhile Bonhams fetched a more impressive Au$26,000 (US$20,200, GB£14,400) for one five years ago.

Meanwhile there's a a 1977 model for sale locally, asking $32,500 (US$25,200, GB£18,000). We'd put that as being closer to the mark.

Benelli 750 Sei

Back in 1977, you would have paid Au$3400 (US$2600, GB£1890) for a new Sei, when a new Honda CB750 would have set you back $2100 (US$1600, GB£1170) and a Kawasaki Z1000 more like $2700 (US$14,000, GB£1500).

So how much now? Around the Au$30,000 (US$23,000, GB£16,700) mark seems to be the benchmark sellers are aiming for if they have one in near-perfect shape, while something in the region of Au$25,000 (US$19,400, GB£14,000) should nab a good example. In the current volatile market, however, we would not be in the least surprised to see them changing hands for closer to Au$35k or even higher for something exceptional.

Benelli 900 sei

A 900 Sei is worth similar money to the 750. Despite the larger engine, it loses points in the market for having six-into-two exhausts instread of the 750's glorious six-into-six set-up. For example an ulta-low mile example sold via Iconic in 2020 for Au$32,400 (US$25,250, GB£18,100).

Benelli 750 Sei

With some clear similarities to Honda's four-cylinder powerplant out of the CB500 (with which it shared components such as pistons and conrods), the 750 Sei grew two extra pots and moved the alternator to behind the cylinders. Like a lot of straight six motorcycles, it was praised for being incredibly smooth. Power was a claimed 75hp (56kW) at 9000rpm.

Styling was by Carozzeria Ghia, which is better known for its work on cars such as the De Tomaso Pantera.

Somewhat ironically, it beat Honda's own six, the superb CBX1000, to the market by several years. They were built 1974-1978, with just 3200 (approximately) being made.

kel; carruthes benelli 1970

There was also an Australian connection: Kel Carruthers claimed the world 250 GP championship in 1969 with his Benelli 250-four four-stroke against a field normally headed by two-strokes. (That's him above, at Mallory Park in 1970 – pic via Wikimedia.)

You can find more specs and a profile via Motorcycle Specs.

Benelli 750 Sei 1976

Update, August 2021: An exceptional 1976 750 Sei was sold by Bring Tailer this month for Au$28,600 (US$21,000, GB£15,000). It claimed just 88 miles on the odo.

Benelli 750 Sei

Benelli 750 Sei

Benelli 750 Sei

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