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News July 2021

Classic Spannerman. July 31


Spannerman, the mechanical agony aunt from the now defunct Motorcycle Trader mag, makes an appearance at Info Moto. Always worth a read...

Yamaha enters the EV fray, July 30

Yamaha electric motor

Yamaha's long history of involvement in powerplants for the automotive industry looks set to continue, as it is now developing electric platforms. See the story from MOTOR magazine.

Super Flash, July 29

BSA Super Flash

This 1953 BSA Super Flash claims to be the first of the 577 plunger-frame models produced and is up for sale via Classic Avenue in the USA for Au$37,700 (US$27,500, GB£19,700).
Developed in part to meet Triumph head-on in the all important USA market, it was soon developed into a short-run swingarm model, before the name was superseded.
The 650 twin was high-spec for its time and claimed 40 horses (30kW). When launched, it was priced at US$975.
See it here.


How much for the GS? July 28


From our mad prices department: This 1991 BMW R100GS Paris-Dakar has sold on Bring a Trailer for an eye-watering Au$42,000 (US$31,000, GB£22,000).

Now before you rush outside to give yours a spit and polish and ask some outrageous price, there was a catch. It had just three miles on the odo. It seems collectors can't get enough of new-old-stock motorcycles.


The latest result was not, however, a record. That honour goes to a bike we covered last April, with 520 miles on the odo. Also sold by BaT, it went for Au$56,400 (US$43,000, GB£31,000)!


Some time back, we bought one of these things in the Northern Territory and rode it a couple of thousand kays home. See the story here.

Honda flyer, July 27

Honda CBX1000

Honda's CBX1000 straight six was always going to be controversial, but this Australian Two Wheels magazine test from 1979 took the idea to another level. See it here at the Classic Two Wheels archive.

Rain-proof BMW, July 26


BMW's at the time revolutionary RS bodywork changed the way a lot of us thought about what made up a sports-touring bike. The Hans Muth design was radical when it first emerged back in 1976. As anyone who has ridden one will know, it is remarkably effective and stands up well to scrutiny 45 years later...though the claim in the ad is perhaps a little exaggerated.

The 980cc boxer twin claimed a relatively modest 51kW (70hp) at 6000rpm pushing around a wet weight of 230kg. You were looking at a top speed just shy of 200km/h.

Kawasaki W1, July 25

Kawasaki W1

Our random retro ad for the day, circa 1966.

The W1 boasted 50hp @6500rpm, a four-speed transmission and a top speed of 180km/h. Keep an eye out for our upcoming profile.

Single Solution, July 24

Yamaha SR500

It took a while to get things sorted, but the old Yamaha SR500 is just the thing for a gentle Sunday spin. See the story here.

Unapproachable, July 23

Norton Model 50

Random ad for the day – the handsome 1956 Norton Model 50. Phil Pilgrim from Union Jack Motorcycles tells us that they were a little heavy and under-powered in 350 form. However the 600 version made a good sidecar tug, replacing the 16H and Big Four in that role.

Big money for Bostrom Ducati 998, July 22

ducato Bostrom 998S

In line with the trend for climbing demand on Ducati 916-998 series comes this result from Bring a Trailer in the USA. A 2002 Bostrom replica 998S with just two miles on the odo sold for an impressive Au$51,500 (US$38,000, GB£28,000).

As is often the case, collectors have paid a premium for an ultra-low mile example.

Ben Bostrom may not be a name that's top of the shopping list for Ducatisti, but he had a distinguished racing career, including six World Superbike Championship race victories with the marque in 2001.

See the lot here.

See the 'Our Bikes' story on the 916 here.

See the Classic Two Wheels 1994 916 road test.

Norvin Auction, July 21


The stunning one-off Melbourne-based Norvin we featured some time back is up for auction via Grays. See the auction here.

And the feature here.

Super Stroker, July 20

Aprilia RS250

One of the all-time greats when it comes to two-stroke sports bikes and this one was for sale. More here.

China's big bike evolution, July 19

Gaokin V1000

CF Moto aside, we haven't seen a whole lot in the way of 500cc-plus motorcycles from China. However that's about to change, with litre-class machines, like the Gaokin V1000 above, very much on the horizon. See the report from Cycle World mag.

Get a lightweight! July 17

zundapp ks100

Join us for a quick look at Zundapp's colourful motorcycle catalogue.

Fizzer brochure, July 17

Yamaha FZR1000

Our period brochure for the day, this time for the exciting new Yamaha FZR1000 of 1987.

See the story on the example in our shed, here.

And the Classic Two Wheels period comparo with the Suzuki GSX-R1100, here.


Farewell Nancy, July 16

davidsons 1

Nancy Davidson, long-time partner of WIllie G has passed away. See this report from the Milwaukee Business Journal.

davidsons 2

What a wreck! July 15

honda cb750-four

Brian Browne of TT Motorcycles in Mornington (Vic) has recently published a few pics of the starting point for a Honda CB750-Four K1 resto project that we ended up owning.

Honda CB750-Four K1

See the story on the finished bike, here.

And the Classic Two Wheels period road test, here.

Oddball for the week – Cagiva SST, July 14

cagiva sst

If this looks vaguely familiar, you may also have seen it badged as a Harley. Meet the SST series – more here.

Wing addition, July 10

Honda GL1000 1975

The latest addition to our shed – a 1975 Honda GL1000 Gold Wing, the first model. For those of us who remember them when launched, they seem to have shrunk over the years! We'll let you know how we go with it, over coming months.

Meanwhile, see our feature on this model.

And the Classic Two Wheels period road test.

Stone on Imax, July 9

stone movie

Legendary seventies bike flick Stone heads to Melbourne's giant Imax screen from August 24. More here.

AMCN turns 70, July 8

AMCN 70th

Australian Motorcycle News (AMCN) has turned 70 and has produced a huge anniversary edition, out now and available to August 4. Congratulations, folks. More here.

Muth-Martin magic, July 7

RS RnineT

Motorrad Martin, a BMW dealer and custom shop in Bavaria owned by Georg Schorsch Martin, has revealed a modern take on the original R100RS, using an RnineT as a platform...more here.

(Pics by Darren Jacklin)

Super Glide profile, July 6

harley super glide 1971

Coming soon, a profile on Harley-Davidson's 1971 Super Glide, a pivotal model in the history of the Motor Company, and now 50 years old.

Happy Sunday, July 4

Triumph Speed Twin

1948 Triumph Speed Twin period ad.

Fickle market, July 3

Moto Guzzi Daytona

From Ian Falloon: I don't understand the fickle world of classic motorcycle values. This is an extremely rare and desirable Moto Guzzi, with only around 200 manufactured. It's comparable to a 1997 Ducati 916 SPS in quality and rarity for a quarter the price. It sold for Au$13,800 (US$10,400, GB£7475)

See the lot here.

It's glandular, love – July 3

bmw k1200r

You can justify, reason and spreadsheet your motorcycle choices until you’re blue in the face. Ultimately, it comes down to glands…see it here.

Yam triple – July 2

yamaha xs750

It's 1976 and Yamaha has announced its first big four-stroke triple. According to the brochure, they had big ambitions...

See specs and profile at Motorcycle Specs

Early Z-1 brochure – July 1

Kawasaki Z-1

Send lawyers, clothes and money...clearly the new Z-1 could take you a lot further than planned. One of the more unusual period brochures that we've tripped over.

Profile and specs here at Motorcycle Specs

Who built the Easy Rider Bikes? July 1

easy rider

We tripped over an intriguing video, part of a Bikers You Should Know series by Ride Apart. See the vid here.

And the background story here. (Pic: Columbia/Sony)


Want more news & views? See our archive.


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