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News archive Nov 2020

MV Agusta book-ends, November 30

MV Agusta 1972

The MV Agusta marque died and came back again in the space of three decades. Here are the book-ends:

MV Agusta S road test, 1972, from Classic Two Wheels...see it here;

See our Future Collectible story on the 1999 F4 750 series.

MV AGusta F4 750

Future classic – Moto Guzzi Daytona 1000, November 29

Moto Guzzi Daytona 1000

When racing really did influence the breed – see the story here.

Mini profile – Honda CB400 Four Super Sport, November 27

Honda CB400 Four Super Sport

Dynamite 400 was the sweetest of the Honda pack. See the profile, the period ads and one for auction in the UK.

Australian Pioneers, November 26

Spencer motorcycle

Part of the newly-opened motorcycle show at the Queensland (Australia) Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA), in brisbane, is this: a circa 1906 Spencer, built in that city. It's thought to be the first motorcycle wholly designed in this country.

It wasn't however the first motorcycle landed here. That is likely to be a 'motor bicycle' reported in the Brisbane Courier newspaper on February 8, 1896. The owner, a Mr JC Brunnich of Mackay, was unable at first to demonstrate his new machine as there was no 'Benzol' fuel to be had in the city. They had to wait a couple of weeks for it to be shipped from Sydney.

It's a fascinating tale – see it here at the GOMA site.

Wringing Bells part 2, November 27

classic two wheels fred and lester

From Classic Two Wheels: Join us for part 2 of Fred and Lester's terrifying trek to Bathurst.

See part 1 here.

Ahead of the Curve, November 25

Ducati SportClassic

Ducati stuck its neck out by going retro before retro was a ‘thing’...see the story.

Design, Art, Desire – November 25


The Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane, Queensland (Australia), tomorrow opens its long-awaited show: The Motorcycle – Design, Art, Desire. It runs to April next year and appears to play very much in the spirit of the Guggenheim's seminal 1990s show, The Art of the Motorcycle. Find out more here.

Naming Rites, November 24

Suzuki GSX--R750F

Naming a motorcycle is much riskier than it seems...see the story.

Tuesday Godet, November 23

godet vincent

Something to brighten up your Tuesday: this 2009 Egli Vincent by Patrick Godet recently sold at Bring a Trailer in the USA for Au$113,000 (US$83,000, GB£62,000), which is about right for the current market. These bikes are a little unusual for custom-built machines in that they have consistently held their value over the years. Nice if you can afford it.

See a Patrick Godet tribute here;

And more on the bike here.

godet vincent

Norton on the way back? November 23


From Info Moto: Norton Motorcycles says it will reveal an updated version of its V4RR sportsbike before year’s end, signalling the first model to surface since the British bikemaker was acquired by TVS Motors in April. More here.

Goodbye Stone, November 22

sandy harbutt

Sandy Harbutt, the producer/director of the iconic 1974 Australian low-budget motorcycle action flick Stone, has passed away. (Pic above by John Ivkovitch via Facebook)

Sandy started his career both as a law student and actor, and experienced the frustration of never getting another project on the scale of Stone off paper and on to film. That wasn't through lack of trying, and he had many supporters.

His film, meanwhile, developed stature across the decades and remains an exceptional piece of local movie and motorcycle history. Stone underwent a revival, re-released both in video and in digital format in 1985 and in 1995. It's widely seen as a forerunner to the first Mad Max film, with some justification.

stone movie poster

NOS Yamaha OW-01 for auction, November 22

Yamaha OW-01

A new-old-stock Yamaha OW-01 with 3km on the od – formerly a shop display – was up for auction at Graysonline in Queensland. Bidding stopped at $36,000 (US$22,000, GB£20,000) without meeting reserve.. See it here.

See our Yamaha OW-01 buyer guide

Not the Cafe Racer, November 21

Triumph cafe racer

Hatching a bold new plan might be over-rated…see the story here.

Suzuki GT550J on the market, November 21

Suzuki GT550

Suzuki two-stroke triples have enjoyed a real resurgence in popularity in recent years, though it's not often you see an apparently mint condition GT550J on the market.

The model scored well in early road tests, with the 50hp engine being declared smooth and offering very good midrange. Reports on the handling were mixed while cornering clearance was limited by the centrestand and low-slung exhaust pipes.

This one claims a fair bit of resto work, and we love the quad-shoe drum front brake. That changed to a disc in 1973 with the K model.

It's based in Ipswich, Queensland (Australia), and the owner is asking Au$14,900 (US$10,900, GB£8200) via Facebook marketplace.

Suzuki GT550

See the series profile at

See the specs sheet.

Suzuki GT550

Future Classic – Suzuki's Muscle King, November 20

suzuki b-king

It may not have delivered completely on the wacky original promise, but the B-King is worth owning...see the story.

Ducati leads charge at Shannons auction, November 19

Ducati 750 sport

Last night’s Shannons classic auction across Sydney and Melbourne saw the firm sell its biggest offering of motorcycles. Prices were generally strong, with a couple of surprises thrown in...more here.

Five Down, November 18

sunbeam s7

Ever have one of those weeks when the emergency ward in the shed is suddenly packed with problems? See the story here.

Elvis Harley for auction, November 18

elvis harley

What purports to be an Elvis Presley-owned 1975 FLH Harley-Davidson is up for auction in the USA. The description is a little incoherent and the buyer premium is an extraordinary 28 per cent. Despite all that, the auctioneer has placed an estimate of US$500-600k. See it here.

Traumatic Times, November 18

classic two wheels

Wringing Bells part 1: Lester and Fred and the life-threatening ride to Bathurst...from a legendary series at Classic Two Wheels.

BSA to return, November 17

bsa motorcycles

Iconic British marque BSA is well down the revival path thanks to owner Mahindra, with production of electric motorcycles to start next year in the UK.

See more at Info Moto; and the Financial Times in the UK.

Ducati is auction flavour of the month, November 17

ducfati 750 sport

Bidding for some of the Ducatis on offer at the current Shannons online auction in Sydney and Melbourne is going strong and it's interesting to see what has captured the imagination, with a day to go.

Without question it's the 1974 750 Sport (lot 91 – above) that has out-performed expectations, sitting at Au$51,500 (US$38,000, GB£29,000) against a top estimate of Au$44,000.

ducati desmosedici

A 2008 Desmosedici RR (lot 96) has yet to meet reserve, with bidding at Au$61,000 and a top estimate of Au$75,000 (US$55,000, GB£41,000) – which is probably closer to its international market value.

See our Desmosedici buyer guide here

Diucati hailwood mille

Meanwhile a 1986 Hailwood Mille is very much on target for the seller, having met reserve with a Au$30,000 bid and a top estimate of $35,000 (US$25,000, GB£19,000).

See the auction here

Harley-Davidson Road King, first generation, November 16

Harly Road King

Harley’s Evolution series Road King has potential as a value-for-money keeper...see the story here.

First-gen R1 resto on the market, November 15

Yamaha r1

This first-gen Yamaha R1 claims to be fully restored and is on the market for Au$11,000 (US$8000, GB£6000) via Facebook. If it lives up to the pics, it could be good buying. See it here. (Ed's note: the bike sold within a few hours of us posting it.)

These were a hugely significant motorcycle in the development of modern sportsbikes. See our R1 buyer guide

Grace for sale, November 15

bruce willis chopper

Grace, the modded Harley FXR ridden by the Bruce WIllis character 'Butch' in the legendary 1994 movie Pulp Fiction, is for sale. It's looking like it needs some attention and the auctioneer suggests an eye-water range of US$60-90k (Au$82-123,000, GB£45-68,000). See it here.

Brits on the Block, November 15

Norton 850 Commando

Bidding for two iconic Brit bombers is underway at two separate auctions at the moment: a 1973 Norton 850 Commando via Shannons and a 1975 Triumph T160 at Donington Auctions.

The Norton has no reserve and bidding has so far reached Au$15,500 (US$11,300, GB£8500) with a few days to go. It's a restored example with 33,600 miles on the odo, a Mikuni carburettor and is said to be in good running order.

Meanwhile the Triumph is a survivor USA model with under 1700 miles on the odo, in running order and accompanied by assorted paperwork. Bidding for this one has reached Au$19,000 (US$13,800, GB£10,500) with several days to go.

From the 'our bikes' files: see our Norton Commando MIII story here; And our Triumph T160 story here

Triumph T160

Project 6-Hour update, November 14

Yamaha FZR1000

A little postscript to our Project 6-Hour build – a 1987 Yamaha FZR1000 production race replica. In our pursuit of front brakes that worked acceptably, we eventually faced the inevitable and ditched the original rubber lines.

Yamaha FZR1000

In their place, we put black-wrapped braided steel lines by Venhill. The kit we were sent had lines that were a little long (maybe there was a miscommunication with the retailer), but otherwise they seem to work very well.

Yamaha FZR1000

What I like about the Venhill system is the caliper and master cylinder fittings screw on to the lines, so it is possible to mix and match fittings to suit the individual circumstances. And yes, the end result was an improvement, as it usually is with a rubber-to-braided steel swap – particularly when the originals are so old.

See the main build story here

See more 'our bikes' stories

See the 1987 Classic Two Wheels Yamaha FZR1000 vs Suzuki GSX-R1100 test

Buyer guide – Yamaha TRX850, November 13

Yamaha TRX850

It may be extinct in the showrooms, but Yamaha’s lightweight nineties sports twin still has plenty of life left in it...see the story.

Meet Hannibal, November 12

Suzuki Hayabusa

Though it's been on the market a couple of times, Hannibal our hotted-up Hayabusa has somehow managed to survive assorted culls and is now a fixture...see the story.

Pics: Lou Martin

Big Kids Toys, November 11

A remarkable collection of motorcycle paraphernalia, including brochures handbooks and toys, plus a few actual motorcycles, is coming up for auction via Donington in Melbourne, Australia.

Among the 528 lots is a smattering classic cars and motorcycles, such as the Imola replica Ducati pictured above. The underlying bike is listed as a 1973 750 Sport. It's carrying an estimate of Au$55-65,000 (US$40-48,000, GB£30-36,000).

ducati 1973 catalogue

If that's a little rich for your tastes, this 1973 Ducati range brochure might be tempting, with bidding starting at Au$500 (US$365, GB£275).

tin toy motorcycle

If it must actually have wheels, there is a wealth of toys on offer, like this Japanese friction-drive tin toy, with bidding starting at Au$100.

Pre-bidding has already commenced and the auction happens on November 22. See the auction catalogue.

Real or Replica, November 10

Ducato 750 sport replica

Two similar-looking but very different Ducatis are on the block at the upcoming Shannons auction in Australia, which has a record number of motorcycles on offer.

Lot 92 above is a tempting replica, given it looks very much like the iconic 750 Sport of the early seventies, though it's based on the 860 GT designed by Giugiaro (below). It's a 1975 model with an auction estimate of Au$15-18,000 (US$11-13,000, GB£8-10,000). Though not the real thing, we like the idea it's a version you can mess with and not break the bank.

ducato 860 gt

However, an original 860 GT in good shape is probably worth more.

Ducati 750 sport

Next up is lot 91, a real 1974 750 Sport (above). Our resident classic expert – Ian Falloon – says the estimate of Au$38-44,000 (US$28-32,000, GB£21-24,000) is about right.

The auction runs November 11-18.

See the 1974 Ducati 750 Sport test from Classic Two Wheels

A Ute-Load of Kats, November 9

Suzuki Katana 1100

Want to swap? Nup. See the story here

Nineties Grunt, November 8

Suzuki GSX-R1100

Living proof that you get a lot of bang for your buck with 1990s motorcycles at the moment. These two are from the same importer in Queensland, Australia.

The first is a 1994 Suzuki GSX-R1100 advertised at Au$7500 (US$5500, GB£4200), which should make it a WR. This is the last major generation, with very lively liquid-cooled engine. Like the Kawasaki below, it's still rates as a very quick and capable motorcycle. This one is already elgible for club plates in Victoria, and will be elsewhere in another four years. See our GSX-R1100 buyer guide.

kawasaki zz-r1100

Meanwhile the Kawasaki ZZ-R1100, advertised at Au$5300 (US$3900, GB£3000), was for a time the fastest production bike on the planet.  It was well-sorted from day one and proved to be ultra-reliable. This 1990 example would be a C-series and is eligible for club plates nation-wide. See our ZZ-R1100 buyer guide.

Both bikes are advertised on Facebook: Suzuki; Kawasaki.

The Blithering Stare, November 8

travels with guido

On sanity and your choice of ride...see it here.

Pics: Ben Galli & Lou Martin

Tea Time, November 8

Moto Guzzi tea pot

Spotted on the Australian Moto Guzzi owners Facebook page – for those who prefer their tea shaken rather than stirred...

Yamaha Yowler, November 7

Yamaha YDS-3

This 1965 Yamaha YDS-3 stroker is up for auction next week at Shannons. Praised by one reviewer for the way "it yowls and wails", it was a hugely important model for the marque. See our backgrounder on the series and more on this bike.

Return of the Trident, November 6

Triumph Trident 660 2020

Info Moto reports Triumph is re-introducing the Trident name with a 660. More here.

Triumph's Trident mini-site is here.

Double-vision – Bimota Tesi 3D on the market, November 6

Bimota Tesi 3d for sale

With high prices when new, and low production numbers, you only occasionally see a Bimota Tesi 3D on the market. Somehow, we've tripped over two in the last 24 hours.

The first (in red and white above) is a low miler in the USA, up for sale at Iconic. It's one of just 29 early-release specials from 2008 dubbed the Concept Limited Edition. Build number 13 claims just 220km (137 miles) and it's been put on the market at Au$44,600 (US$32,100, GB£24,600).

That makes the second bike in black (below), in Australia, look like good value with just 1km on the odo at Au$34,000 (US$24,400, GB£18,800). It's not a limited, but a marginally later version. And the production numbers? Good question, and we're all ears if you happen to know!

We understand the limited edition ran a few different components, including carbon-fibre tie-rods on the front end, a number of cosmetic parts and a different clutch. This series was a third-generation Tesi, which by all accounts steered better than its predecessors. It was powered by a 95 horse version of Ducati's air-cooled four-valve injected 1100 V-twin and claimed a dry weight of just 168kg.

Bimota Tesi 3d for sale

Yamaha FZR1000 vs Suzuki GSX-R1100 – period test, November 5

two wheels mag june 1987

From Classic Two Wheels: The two big dog sports bikes from 1987, Suzuki's GSX-R1100 and Yamaha's FZR1000, are now highly desirable and collectable machines. We present gun tester Geoff Seddon's original comparison test from the June 1987 issue of Two Wheels magazine. It was a close run thing, but Seddo picked a winner...see it here.

See our GSX-R1100 series profile here;

And a story on reviving our 1987 FZR1000 Castrol 6-Hour replica, here.

Two-pot Screamer – Aprilia RS250, November 4

Aprilia RS250

The era of the two-stroke may be largely over, but the Aprilia RS250 gives you plenty of good reasons to relive it...see the story here.

Future collectibles – Suzuki TL series twins, November 3

Suzuki TL1000R

Fast but flawed – Suzuki’s TL1000 series may have bombed in the showroom but they’re now decent buying...see the story here.

Triumph & Tribulations, November 2

Triumph Super 3

Spending far too long sitting in the shed ended up hurting our Triumph Super III...see the story here.

Pics by Ben Galli Photography

Snow Bunnies, November 1

snow motorcycles

There are times when you really need to take a good hard look at yourself...see the story here.

Want more news? See our archive.


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