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News archive Oct 2019

Millyard RC374 start-up, Oct 30

 Allen Millyard starting up his hand-built Honda RC374. Mr M is something of an engineering genius/mad scientist - look for his other projects on YoiuTube.

Isle of Man 350 flashback 1972, Oct 25

Great to see this recently-restored footage on YouTube.

Belle Tandem, Oct 21

france moto biplace

Fom the Bell Epoque to Art Deco feed on Facebook, this wonderful shot - the motorcycle you ride when you want your passenger to be first on the scene of the accident, perhaps?

Indian Fury, Oct 20

royal enfield indian fury

Royal Enfield Indian-branded Fury...very rare. (Pic by Mark Barthelmie)
Wiki profile

60-something-year-old TT Norton, Oct 19

Norton TT 1927

Great shot - can’t help thinking the crew who originally built the Norton decades before would have been delighted. From Marcel Lavoie's FB feed: George Cohen on 1927 TT Norton flat tank ohv model 18 500cc at Ginger Hall, Isle of Man 1991.

Early 1960s Suzuki Factory Tour, Oct 15

Circa 1963 - great time capsule, with some Isle of Man footage. 

Suzuki Titan/Cobra, Oct 14

Suzuki Cobra Titan T500

Suzuki Cobra/Titan ad...hell of a thing back in 1968.
Specs and profile.

Remember the Konig, Oct 13

Kom Newcombe Konig

This piece on Kim Newcombe and his outboard engine-based Konig GP racer from the seventies is a great blast from the past. Well worth a read.

Rare Krauser MKM1000 for sale, Oct 12

BMW Krauser MKM1000

BMW Krauser MKM1000 twin for sale in New Zealand. Optimistic price? Interesting bike...
Specs and profile.

Cute Crosley, Oct 12

Crosley promo motorcycle

USA maker Crosley (as distinct from UK maker Crossley) was best known for its microcars, but built a handful of bikes. Got to love this promo version.
Crosley profile.

Big money for first-model FiireBlade, Oct 11

1992 Honda CBR900RR

A time capsule Honda CBR900RR FireBlade has recently sold in the USA for US$24,000 (Au$35,000).
Crazy price. However, as the auctioneer points out, a zero mile first model Fireblade is actually more rare than a zero mile RC30. It’s a strange world...
More here from See the auctioneer, Iconic, here.

Grim sales numbers, Oct 10

Motorcycle sales figures australia Q3 2019

The latest FCAI sales numbers make for grim reading. More analysis from MCNews.

Future collectible - Honda CBR900RR FireBlade, Oct 9

Honda CBR900RR

(First published by Motorcycle Trader mag) When you take the time to look back over the history of the modern sportsbike, it’s not all that difficult to pick a short list of machines that have set the pace and direction over time.
At risk of setting off a major debate, the lineage runs something like this: 1968-on Honda CB750-4 for proving an electric start multi was not only possible but could deliver the goods; The Ducati 750 SS of 1972 for proving sports road bikes could actually look and feel like racers; The Suzuki GSX-R750 of 1984 for repackaging the multi into a bare-bones missile; And the 1992 Honda CBR900RR for presenting us with the prototype of the modern liquid-cooled litre-class weapon. We could keep going to the modern day, but you get the idea...see the full story here.

Blue Crew Yamaha, Oct 7

Yamaha YSR80 sidecar

Yamaha YSR80 sidecar outfit - now there’s something you won’t find in your mate’s shed...

Mini Roller Door, Oct 5

honda cbx550FII

Honda CBX550FII, circa 1982. Dragged this one out of the shed today for a Motorcycle Trader story. Great little engine in these things, though the enclosed disc brakes are a bit of a head-scratcher. Love the mini Bol d’Or looks.
Backgrounder & specs.
Look for the local brochure with Andrew ‘Ajay’ Johnson and the Honda crew at Calder Raceway.

Honda CBX550FII

Honda CBX550FII

Honda CBX550FII

Board Stroker, Oct 4

Indian board track racer replica

Board track racing and two-strokes...perfect...

It was really the picture in the eBay listing that got my attention, it looked like a 1920s Indian board track racer, but something wasn’t quite right. It looked a little delicate, even by the standards of the day. And that engine…hang on, it’s a two-stroke! WTF? More here

(From the Travels with Guido series in Motorcycle Trader mag)

Has Kawasaki bought Bimota? Oct 4

Bimota DB3

Impossible? Maybe this space. See the story here.

Bimota history by Bennetts here.

Seeley Heroes, Oct 3

Colin Seeley racers

The heydays of Colin Seeley's travelling race show.

Seeley link by Wiki

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