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News archive Jun 2019

67-year-old's Brough speed record ambitions, June 30

Brough speed record 2013

You may recall our earlier link (June 22 on this page) showing the 1937 photo of a similar bike ridden by Eric Fernihough.

Well this is a 2013 shot (by Gary S France) of then 67-year-old Eric Patterson working up to what he hoped would eventually be a 200mph top speed. At that stage he was at more like 130. See this story from Silodrome: eric-patterson-brough-super ior/

Does anyone know if he's still out there having a crack at it? We'd like to think so...

Suzuki GSX-R heritage video, June 29

Any Armstrongs out there? June 28

Armstrong army bike

These Rotax-powered Armstrongs were built for the British military and were intended to be simple and robust trnasport. Did any make it into civilian hands in Australia?

Yamaha R1 turns 21, June 27

Yamaha R1 first model

Yamaha's YZF1000 R1 turns 21 years of age this year. It was a ground-shaking thing for its day and arguably represented the next big leap in sports bikes, after the first Fireblade 900 launched six years before. (Pic: Wikimedia commons)

First GSX-R750, June 25

Suzuki GSX-R750F brochure

Who remembers the launch of the first GSX-R750? Radical thing for its day - 100hp and 186kg...unheard-of numbers back then.

Long distance Cee Bee Honda, June 23

Honda CB750 long distance

From the opening of the David Silvers Collection in the UK: Erling Kleve purchased one of the first CB750s to arrive in Norway in October 1969 and has since ridden the bike, with just minor modifications, to just about everywhere, including the IOM Manx GP in 2006.

Erling’s CB750 has won him many awards and even at over 70 years of age he continues to ride the Honda regularly and will ride this original CB750 from his home in Molde, Norway to our Celebration Open Day in September. Surely a contender for at least one of our eight awards?

The Ex Honda dealer of the 1970s/80s has completed an amazing 20 Krystall Rallies, the famous Norway winter biking rally, on the same CB750. Including the 1978 event where riders experienced temperatures as low as -41 degrees!

Erling, who is currently building a 1970 CR750 and also owns and runs a number of other Hondas, claims his trusted 620,000km CB750 has never left him standing, anywhere! 

Brough speedster, June 22

Brough superior speed record bike

Meet Eric Fernihough, who in 1937 set a flying kilometre record of 273km/h on this, a supercharged and JAP-powered Brough Superior. He also managed a sidecar record at just over 220km/h. Brave...

Unapproachable Norton in Penrith, June 21

Norton speedway racer 1929 australia

Posted by Malcolm Cox on Facebook: Alan Lewis and passenger on a model 19 Norton and Goulding sidechair – note the braced Webb front forks – was taken at Penrith Speedway, New South Wales, Australia on 3rd June 1929. The event was the 15 mile, unlimited sidecar championship at The King’s Birthday meeting.

Honda USA's Chevy delivery truck restored, June 20

Honda USA chev delivery truck

Honda America recently celebrated its 60th anniversary by restoring this truck, which is of the type it first used for motorcycle deliveries. See the story at Jalopnik.

Harleys in the wind, June 19

Harley 1937 ad

1931 Harley ad. You’d sign up based on that, wouldn’t you?

Cee Bee 50th, June 17

Honda CB750 celebration france

Honda CB750-Four celebration at Paul Ricard circuit...quite a sight.

See the gallery here. (Facebook - posted by Phillipe Cardier)

Harley Scrambler, June 14

Harley Scrambler Japan

Custom Harley scrambler out of Japan...nice.

See more here:

Wards Benelli 250, June 13

Wards Benelli 250

Ever heard of a Wards 250? We hadn't until we tripped over this example at Jon Munn's Classic Style warehouse recently. (That's Jon at left, with photographer Ben Galli.) Wards was a USA department store which, like its rival Sears, would buy motorcycles in bulk and sell them under its own brand name. Underneath the logo, it's a circa 1965 Benelli 250 four-stroke single. And yes, it's for sale. It looks good, doesn't it?

Wards Benelli 250

Wards Benelli 250

Wards Benelli 250

Variety show, June 10

Motorcycle fork types 1921

From The Motor Cycle (UK), 1921. “Some examples of modern spring forks.” It certainly lacks nothing in variety. With thanks to the Just British Motorcycles group on Facebook.

Jet age Vincent, June 7

Vincent Black Prince ad

Here's a period USA ad for the 1955-56 Vincent Black Prince, celebrating the 'jet age'. Note that they're distributed by Indian in the USA. Only around 200 were made and here's one that was sold at auction last year, for nearly $150k:

It's not the prettiest thing on the planet, but you have to like the idea of the pivoted bodywork. the pic below is from the Just British Motorcycle group on Facebook.

Vincent Black Prince

Is an XLV750 or Transalp a classic? June 6

Honda XLV750R

Honda XLV and Transalp series. We’ve seen adventure touring pioneer the BMW R80GS turn into a highly collectible motorcycle, so what about other early bikes from the class? 
Honda’s XLV750R with its wild plumage might be a candidate, though good luck finding one outside Europe.

Honda XLV750R (F)

The slightly detuned and more robust XLV750R(F) in morone and black was sold here in very small numbers, thanks in part to the high price at launch.

Honda XL600V

Things really came together with the dumpy-looking but very likeable XL600V Transalp (shown in white), which was arguably the best bike in the category at the time.
Western bike markets were heading in to a slump when these things were new, so supply these days is pretty thin. Are there good ones for sale out there?

This one looks promising:…/honda-transalp-xl60…/1213856951

Early motorcycle studio shoot by Dunelt, June 5

Dunelt studio shoot

By Chris Rogers on the Just British Motorcycles feed on Facebook: Happy to see so many like the Dunelt project so I thought you might like this..its a photo taken at the the Dunelt factory for a promotional brochure.The strange white ghost looking background is actually a white sheet that is been shaken by a young lad so that the background of the photo will become blurred to allow the printer to "touch in " and crop the photo for the leaflet! its possibly the first attempt at "photoshopping".

Tingate Special, June 4

Tingate SR500 Yamaha

Yamaha SR500 Tingate special (with thanks to the SR500 Club Facebook page & Ian Griffiths). We could try to explain it, or you could read the real story here:
Also see:

Stylish Zed, June 1

Kawasaki Z1-R

Kawasaki Z1-R - one of the best-looking bikes to ever come out of Japan. Maybe, but there are those who hate the angular looks. This and the MkII version never sold in huge numbers.

Really it’s the style penned by Chris Kurashima that has my attention. You can see a trend with this and the Suzuki Katana penned by Hans Muth at Target Design, which came along barely a year later. In fact, now I think of it, they’d be a pretty good pair to have in the shed together.

One for sale in WA:
https:// motorcycles-for-sale/ 1978-kawasaki-1000cc-z1000z -z1r/JBW3551272
See this backgrounder:
https:// model/kawasaki/ kawasaki_Z1R.htm

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