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Suzuki DR750S

Quick profile - Suzuki DR750-800 series

by Guy 'Guido' Allen (June 2020)

Suzuki DR800S for sale

This profile was prompted by a DR800S that popped up on Ebay (above) and is something of a rarity in Australia. The owner said it needed a little work to finish off, but was complete. Bidding was at Au$4150 (US$2900) at the time of writing (June 7, 2020) and it appeared reserve had been met with two days to go.

It's rare to trip over an example of what was once the biggest single-cylinder production bike in the world, the Suzuki DR750S (aka the DR Big - see top pic and below) of 1988 and then its DR800S replacement of 1990-96. Only tiny numbers of the 750 were sold here, while just a few 800s made it to our shores as grey imports.

The 750 was sold locally from 1988 to 1991, priced at $6700 plus on-road costs.

Suzuki achieved the jump from 727cc to 779cc by stroking the engine. It also took the opportunity in 1991 to reshape the fuel tank from a giant 29lt unit to a slimmer 24 that was more accommodating for taller riders.

Suzuki DR750

The bike was made famous when Belgian world motorcross champion and Paris-Dakar legend Gaston Rahier pioneered the race versions in the Dakar, and other events. While Rahier won the Dakar in 1984-85 with BMW, he struggled to repeat the success with Suzuki.

That's Rahier below - at centre - with his crew in 1991. Yep, he's the shortest bloke in the line-up.

Suzuki paris-dakar team with Rahier 1991

And here's the multi-bike effort in 1992.

Suzuki DR800 paris-dakar 1992

Suzuki DR750S 1988

DR 750 S Big 1988
Overall Length: 2,255 mm (88.8 in)
Overall Width: 945 mm (37.2 in)
Overall Height: 1,295 mm (51.0 in)
Seat Height: 876 mm (34.5 in)
Ground Clearance: 240 mm (9.4 in)
Wheelbase 1,510 mm (59.4 in)
Dry Weight: 179 kg (394 lbs)
Engine type: Air and oil-cooled 727 cc single cylinder four-stroke, SOHC, four valves. 52 hp (38,3 kW)/ 6,600 rpm, 58 Nm (5.9 kg-m)/ 5,500 rpm.

Suzuki DR800S 1990

DR 800 S Big 1990
Overall Length: 2,265 mm (89.2 in)
Overall Width: 865 mm (34.1 in)
Overall Height: 1,325 mm (52.2 in)
Seat Height: 876 mm (34.5 in)
Wheelbase: 1,520 mm (59.8 in)
Ground Clearance: 230 mm (9.1 in)
Dry weight: 194 kg (427 lbs)
Engine type: Water-cooled 779 cc single cylinder 4-stroke. OHC, SACS, 4 valves. Dual carb. 54 hp (40 kW)/ 6,600 rpm, 62 Nm (6.32 kg-m)/ 5,400 rpm. 5-speed.

There's a useful mini history of this series at suzukicycles.org.

More comprehensive 750 specs here; And 800 specs here.


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