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Rare bikes: MV Agusta F4 1000 Veltro mvagustabookfalloon

(by Ian Falloon, August 2022)

MV Agusta
              F4 Veltro



A virtually unknown model

Another limited edition F4 built by MV Agusta Corse during 2006 was the F4 1000 Veltro.

Joining with the Italian Air Force’s 5th Squadron 23rd Fighter Group from Cervia, the Veltro was produced in two versions; Strada and Pista.

The squadron’s symbol was the Veltro, a mythical Dantesque greyhound, this appearing on the fairing.

Also based on the F4 1000 R, the Veltro’s 998cc engine featured the F4 Tamburini’s TTS variable intakes and produced 177 horsepower at 12,000rpm. With an open titanium exhaust the track only (Pista) version delivered 185 horsepower at 13,000rpm.

The chassis specification was also shared with the F4 1000 R, but with a Sachs F1 rear shock absorber and carbon-fibre bodywork.

Also setting the Veltro apart were several billet machined components and MotoGP-style digital instrumentation. The dry weight was only 170kg and 99 Veltro Stradas were built, with only 23 Pistas.

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Excerpt from Ian Falloon's soon-to-be-released MV Agusta history

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