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Our Kerala 2020 posts

Secret Bullets, 18 January

Last day of our Kerala, India, tour on Royal Enfield Bullets and we're heading up the coast to the Secret Garden motel, in Kochi. An easy ride and good way to round off the trip. With Kerala Bike Tours. #keralabullets

Bullets to the Beach, 17 January

Kerala Bullets: we're on the last couple of days of the trip, with a big leg yesterday, covering mountain switchbacks, villages and of course a bit of city running...and then, at last, the beach!
With Kerala Bike Tours

Big day on the Bullets, 17 January

Royal Enfield Bullet Kerala

Kerala Bullets: a big day yesterday. As with much of Asia, 280-ish kays takes about the same time as 800 would in Australia. The Bullets took the punishment without fuss and the reward was to end up at a beach-side resort at the end of the day. Bliss.
With Kerala Bike Tours.

Kerala by Royal Enfield Bullet

Kerala by Royal Enfield Bullet

Kerala by Royal Enfield Bullet

Kerala by Royal Enfield Bullet

Kerala by Royal Enfield Bullet

Mountain Bullets - the video - 15 January

Up and down mountains in Kerala today for the harvest/new year public holiday. With Kerala Bike Tours. #keralabullets

Mountain Bullets, 15 January

kerala bullets

It's been a day of clambering up and down mountains today, through switchback passes with some lurid warning signs and a few little border crossings between states. It's always challenging and entertaining. With Kerala Bike Tours. #keralabullets

kerala border guards

kerala mountain warning

kerala mountain motorcycles

kerala bullet dash

Bullet Adventures, 14 January

ooty savoy enfield bullet

Bullet adventures: departing the Ooty Savoy involved being presented with a farewell cake with 'happy riding' etched out in icing; The local highway patrol pulled us up for a chat and a photo they were later going to use to promote wearing all the right riding gear; Wildlife at the Bamboo Banks Farm & Guest House in Tamil Nadu - the deer and monkeys look out for each other when predators are around; Bucolic bliss in the shadow of the mountains.
With Kerala Bike Tours

happy riding cake

kerala highway patrol

kerala highway patrol

kerala deer

tamil nadu monkey

taml nadu sunset

Kerala Contrasts by Bullet, 14 January

On the road with Royal Enfield Bullets and the Kerala Bike Tours crew...there's no shortage of contrasts - redwood forests, bustling country towns, bamboo forests...great fun. #keralabullets 

India by Bullet, 13 January

kerala hairpins

Great galloping Royal Enfield Bullets - today we rolled down one mountain range, only to climb another. Some of the sights: it's always handy when someone is counting hairpins for you; Even more useful is getting to know your friendly local cops; Clearly physics is no barrier to loading a bike; Mountain-top tea stop was compulsory; Monkeys guarding the local temple; The streetscapes are always colourful.
With Kerala Bike Tours

kerala cops

kerala mountain teahouse

kerala overloaded motorcycle

kerala monkey temple

kerala colourful road scene

Royal Enfield Bullets town and country, 12 January


More from our gallop around Kerala: Riding around India is never dull - try these two scenes from today.
With Kerala Bike Tours

Kerala Bullets, 11 January

kerala motorcycle ride

Kerala Bullets tour: we've become tea tourists, temporarily living on a hilltop estate and visiting one of the local processing factories; Note the very stylish inspection costumes - ready for the next zombie medical ball; Meanwhile we're showing you what used to be a complete ramp to a local lookout, until the local elephants decided they disapproved of it; And, last, a couple of Bullets waiting for the next crop to be picked.

kerala tea factory

kerala zombies

kerala elephant ramp

kerala tea bullets

Royal Enfield Bullets on the elephant road, 11 January


From our YouTube Channel: Bombing along on Bullets across our favourite elephant road. There were plenty of signs they'd been around, including giant patches of fresh droppings, but not a pachyderm in sight!
With Kerala Bike Tours

Kerala Kapers, 9 January

royal enfield bullets

We're off on a jaunt riding Royal Enfield Bullets in their home country, in the state of Kerala. Daniel Benster (pictured) of Kerala Bike Tours has just given us the pre-ride briefing, the first we've ever experienced which includes safety advice on encounters with elephants. Hot tip: no selfies! #keralabullets

daniel benster


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