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Brough SUperior SS100 2020

Brough Superior launches in Australia, May 19 2020

Brough Superior has launched in Australia, out of Brisbane, with local trade figure Fred Drake at the helm.

There are four low-volume models in the range: SS100 in two variants (300 units - pictured above) priced at $100-105k, Pendine Sand Racer at $105k (@300 units - below), Anniversary (100 units celebrating the Brough centenary) at $168k and the Aston Martin collaboration AMB 001 at $185k. The latter is a track-only machine.

Brough SUperior Pendine 2020

In Australia, the road models come with a two-year warranty and roadside service back-up.
The mechanicals for the first three models is the company’s 997cc liquid-cooled 88-degree V-twin, claiming 102 horses and matched to a six-speed transmission. Weight for the SS100 is said to be 186kg. A distinguishing feature of the chassis is the wishbone/monoshock front suspension.

Brough SUperior AMB 001

The performance stakes are lifted on the AMB 001 (above), with the addition of a turbocharger to the V-twin and extensive use of carbon-fibre bodywork. No detailed specs are available at this stage.

Brough Superior was established by Englishman George Brough in 1919 and is thought to have built 3048 motorcycles in that time. Many were powered by proprietary engines and transmissions and the reputation of the brand was forever lifted when a reviewer from The Motor Cycle newspaper referred to the company’s product as the Rolls-Royce of motorcycles.

The company’s product reached its zenith in the 1930s with machines such as the SS100 and SS80 series V-twins. TE Lawrence, aka Lawrence of Arabia, made the brand famous and owned several of the machines. He eventually died in a crash with one.

Over the last four decades, the brand has seen a resurgence in popularity, fetching sky-high prices. The record is for a 1930 SS100 which had established competition roots with the company and George Brough. Ridden by FP Dickson, it was part of a team that won gold medals at two International Six-Day Trials, now the ISDE. (See our list of recent auction results, below.)

This modern take on the brand began when classic enthusiast Mark Upham acquired the rights to the brand in 2008. He subsequently commissioned Thierry Henriette of Boxer Design to pen the new range. Henriette is now CEO and the machines are produced in Toulouse, France.

Brough SUperior SS100 Alpine Bonhams

SS100 1930 unrestored with Brough competition history, H&H Classics, March 2019
Au$796,000 (US$561,500)

SS100 Alpine 1929 restored, Bonhams November 2014 (shown above)
Au$640,200 (US$417,200)

SS100 1930 restored, Mecum Jan 2020
Au$367,100 (US$239,250)

SS80 1936 restored, Bonhams, April 2019
Au$237,500 (US$154,450)

SS80 Deluxe 1933 unrestored, Shannons Nov 2016
Au$115,000 (US$78,000)


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