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News archive Apr 2019

Fancy a pukka GP bike? April 30

Yamaha Harris/ROC privateer 500 GP bike

Yamaha privateer 500 GP Bike for sale. With a Harris/ROC frame and then recently superseded Yamaha GP engine, these were offered at comparitively good rates to privateers as a way of filling out the race grids. 
Listed in the UK, This one is on the market for around $180k.

Original Hinckley Daytona, April 29

Triumph Daytona 1000 1992

This one popped back up on our radar today, thanks to a price drop on Bikesales, to $7900. It's a 1992 Triumph Daytona 1000 so the short-stroke engine in four-cylinder form. The long stroke 900 triples were the bikes that ended up winning people over to the brand back in those formative days for the Hinckley factory, through the early and mid-1990s. We're a little surprised this one is still on the market, given it presents well in the pics. It's certainly of historical interest to Triumph fans and there would be very few left in the world as they were never a big seller. If only the bank account hadn't already been emptied on another Brit bike acquisition...

Big sale price for classic competition Triumph, April 28

Triumph TR6 Bud Ekins

Triumph TR6 - former Bud Ekins 1962 ISDT-winning bike sells for $179k!
See the Bonhams listing:

Historic GP film

Yamaha GP film

See this Yamaha GP promo film from 1972. A lot of famous names and some good period footage in this one.

Bully racer

Bultaco TSS125

One for the Bultaco fans: TSS125 with race history in the USA, that looks like getting solid bidding. Could turn out to be a good buy.

Bultaco TSS125

Giant All British Rally gallery, April 27

This weekend's All British Rally shaped up as big as ever for its traditional Saturday morning run into Maldon. Were you there? See our giant gallery with well over 100 images.

Ambitious Jawa project for sale

Jawa racer home made

What appears to be a very ambitious Jawa -powered track bike project is for sale on Ebay and it apparently has yet to turn a wheel in anger. Definitely one for the dedicated gear heads to puzzle over - see it here.

Obscure motorcycle brand for the day: Norman, April 26

Norman B4 motorcycle

Don’t feel bad if you never heard of it before. Based in Kent, the maker built a series of lightweight motorcycles, using proprietary engines from Villiers and Anzani
Check out the old auction listing here and guess what the name of the now-deceased owner was. Yup, you got it: Norman!
The proverbial wheels fell off the enterprise in the early sixties and production ceased in 1963.

Memorial Henderson, April 25

Henderson 4 1925

A Henderson four at the then recently-established Avenue of Honour at Ballarat, Vic. You wonder if the rider was parked by that seedling for a reason - planted in memory of a friend, perhaps? 
As for the bike, it would have been a premium unit at the time.
The pic is from the mid-1920s and is part of the Museums Victoria collection.

Houdini & the Guzzi, April 24

Moto Guzzi Califiornia

Out and about on the latest Moto Guzzi California today. If you fancy a cruiser that stops, goes and handles, it’s worth a look.
We’re stopped at a memorial in Digger’s Rest in Vic. It’s erected in honour of the first powered and controlled aircraft flight in Australia, in 1910.
And the pilot? None other than Harry Houdini, the famous American showman, magician and escapologist. He was traveling with his wife Bess.

Harry Houdini flight

Satisfaction in Small Packages - Suzuki TS185, April 23

Suzuki TS185

Suzuki TS185ER, circa 1982. Have been playing with this today, and what a joy. Rode it to the local bike store (Mick Hone’s) to buy some parts for other bikes. 
Ultra-light and simple two-stroke, it’s great fun. A reminder that you don’t need the latest and greatest to enjoy a ride.
Lots of people learned to ride on variants of these things over the decades. This example was bought for my kids a couple of decades ago and it’s still going strong.
The tuning favours low and mid-range, which makes for an easy ride.
They have a long model history, going back to the early seventies, some of which you can find here:
(Pics: Ben Galli/Motorcycle Trader mag)

Suzuki TS185

Nixon's Triumph, April 21

Gary Nixon Triumph 1968

Had to share this: Triumph flat-tracker with Gary Nixon in 1968. Nixon won the AMA national championship for the marque in 1967 and 1968. Proving his versatility, he also won the Daytona 200 mile race in 1967 on a 500 Daytona twin. Triumph used Daytona as a model name from 1966.

Ungodly Racket, April 20

royal enfield ungodly racket ad

The day Royal Enfield decided not to play nice...


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